Discover the answers to the top 20 questions we’re regularly asked by our clients and colleagues.

1. Where are your racks made?

All our production equipment across our SHOPCraft, MEDICraft, INTELLICraft and AGRICraft ranges has been made right here on American soil at our manufacturing plant in Schaumburg, IL for over 40 years – and it always will be!

We’re proud to be Made In The USA and to support American jobs and industry!

2. What materials do you use to manufacture your racks?

Everything we produce for our customers is manufactured from premium quality, American-made aluminum and stainless steel. We believe in supporting American businesses and don’t rely on cheaper, imported metals to manufacture our products like some of our competitors.

3. Do you build from the ground up?

Metal fabricator welding bakery racks

Absolutely! Metal fabrication is in our DNA and we’re passionate about helping our customers transform the efficiency and productivity of their business with remarkable custom build equipment solutions built from the ground up!

Our unmatched metal fabrication expertise coupled with our use of cutting edge technology and advanced welding techniques means we can give our customers products that are strong, sturdy and built to last, no matter their budgetary, spatial or operational requirements.

You can find out more about some of the brilliant custom builds we’ve carried out for our clients on our custom fabrication projects page.

4. Can you help with developing ideas for custom builds?

Of course! We’re the perfect partner to help make your custom build vision a reality!

Our design, engineering and manufacturing team has over 40 years of unrivalled expertise in working with our customers to find custom solutions that are uniquely tailored to their specific business requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help!

5. Are your racks pre-assembled?

We’re proud to supply both pre-assembled and Knockdown TX racks (or ‘flatpack’ racks) to our valued customers.

Whether you go for our all-welded, pre-assembled racks or our premium quality TX racks will depend on your operational, spatial and budgetary requirements – so reach out today to speak to one of our expert team and decide which is best for your business needs.

6. What’s your Lifetime Guarantee?

Schaumburg Lifetime Guarantee

Our famous Lifetime Guarantee is a warranty that we offer across our entire SHOPCraft range. We’re so confident in the workmanship and the strength, durability and reliability of our food production equipment that we can guarantee it will last a lifetime!

We will repair or replace a product free of charge if it’s found to be defective during its lifetime (as long as it’s been used for the purpose intended).

7. Do your racks go into an oven?

Yes! Our SHOPCraft racks are precision engineered and built to withstand high oven temperatures and the rigours of heavy use on a food production line. Be sure to tell us that your racks are for oven use and we can provide you with the high temperature casters you need.

8. Do your racks go into a freezer?

Yes! Our racks – in fact all of our food production equipment – is premium quality, and designed to perform and built to last even in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Just tell us that you’re intending to use the racks in a freezer and we can make sure we put our special grease in the casters, to stop your rack wheels seizing up in the cold temperatures.

9. Are you able to put casters on racks?

high temperature casters on commercial bakery racks

Putting casters on racks is an integral part of the service that we provide our customers and we have a huge range of casters both in stock and made to order.

The kind of casters you’ll need will depend on the type of equipment you’re moving around and the conditions of your working environment. Speak to our experts today about your specific requirements.

10. Are your products NSF approved?

Yes, where required our racks are NSF approved and we are happy to work with you to get your custom build rack NSF accredited.

All of our SHOPCraft commercial sheet pan racks meet the highest standards required for food safety. Their all-welded construction and high corrosion resistance leave no room for bacteria to thrive and they’re extremely low maintenance, so keeping on top of cleanliness and sanitation – and government regulations – is easy!

11. Can you customize my racks and other production equipment?

Yes. We have a rich and proud history of transforming the efficiency and productivity of our clients’ business through our customization of all kinds of production equipment.

You can read lots of examples of our product customization work in the Projects section of our website or check out our services page dedicated to Custom Build Equipment! Alternatively, request a quote if you already have something in mind.

12. How far do you deliver?

commercial oven racks out for deliver in lorry

We are proud to deliver our premium quality products to every corner of the USA and Canada – and beyond – on a daily basis! We are well used to exporting and providing all the documentation needed to make the delivery process smooth and efficient for our customers.

13. Why do your racks cost so much?

Our racks may cost a little more than our competitors but that’s because you’re investing in a rack that will last for life (we’ve even written a blog post on the topic of SHOPCraft rack pricing).

At Schaumburg Specialties we use only the highest quality, American-made materials to manufacture all our products, and our racks are durable, dependable and can be relied on to perform at the highest level for a lifetime – guaranteed! So while you may pay a bit more upfront, you won’t be paying out for expensive repairs and replacements in the long run.

14. Do you offer discounts?

We regularly offer discounts and put on special offers across our product ranges. We also offer free shipping on all online orders over $4000.

Keep an eye on our website and social channels for our next exciting new offer or give us a call on 866 518 5170 to discuss your order or custom build requirements and we promise to offer you the best value for money.

15. Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order value is just $250. However, if you are ordering fewer than five racks we may need to charge a small fee to cover the machine setups.

16. Do you offer any equipment servicing or maintenance programs?

Kitchen equipment servicing and maintenance

Yes we do! Our equipment servicing and maintenance program is fast becoming one of the most important parts of our business.

Keep your production line running smoothly with regular equipment servicing from our expert technicians and our comprehensive repairs and replacement parts service.

We also offer annual service contracts that are personalized for each customer and tailor made for their specific business needs.

17. Can you do oven installations?

Yes we can! Not only do we have single and double rack Revent ovens in stock and ready for delivery, we can install them too!

Rest assured that your oven will be meticulously set up according to the manufacturer’s specifications and fully optimized for and synchronized with your working operations. Contact us today to make a booking!

18. Do you sell washers for food production equipment?

Somengil MultiWasher Inside Look

We are very proud to provide the most efficient, sustainable rack washer on the market. The Somengil Multi Washer is truly exceptional in terms of efficiency, sustainability and high cleanliness and sanitation and it can handle any size or shape of food production equipment!

Not only is the Multi Washer available exclusively through Schaumburg Specialties, we can install it for you too. Reach out today for more information and join the cleaning revolution!

19. Do your clients come from a wide range of industries?

Absolutely. At Schaumburg Specialties, we have a rich and proud history of serving a vast array of industries with our premium quality production equipment – the food production industry and bakeries with our iconic SHOPCraft range, the medical, dental and veterinarian industries with our MEDICraft range and the aerospace, chemical & pharmaceutical, manufacturing and marine industries with our INTELLICraft range.

We also work with the agricultural and indoor farming sectors, providing top quality products through our AGRICraft range.

20. Where can I find information about your products and services?

We have thousands of products in stock, which you can find out more about and place orders for on our website! You can also find out all you need to know about our services and our company online.

Additionally, our latest brochure has all the information you need about our products, or simply give us a call on 866 518 5170 to chat to our friendly team.