Welcome to Schaumburg Specialties: Customizing Metal Where Metal Fabrication is Focused on Your Needs

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we serve you as one of America’s longest-running and most experienced metal fabricators. Manufacturing a huge variety of custom-built racks, carts, trolleys and other essential equipment for industries like food production; medical & veterinarian and aerospace manufacturing, our name has become synonymous with our highly popular SHOPCraft, INTELLICraft and MEDICraft brands. With all that industry expertise, it’s no wonder we’ve been trusted by major brands including Krispy Kreme, Bimbo and Rothbury Farms. After all – as a family-run business, metal fabrication is in our DNA…

Metal Fabrication & Equipment Manufacturing for YOUR Industry

With our large manufacturing facilities and HQ offices based in Schaumburg, Illinois, our metalwork has been tried and tested by businesses in Chicago and beyond from the early 1980s. However, our brand heritage stretches back a lot further – and farther – than that. In fact, our roots can be traced back to the dense forests of Washington State in the midst of World War II, where our great-great-grandfather, Charles W. Schaumburg first used his family’s fabrication skills to manufacture equipment for the war effort, including ammunition boxes and guards. 

Over the decades, the family business developed and rapidly grew to become a leading manufacturer of racks, metal carts, shelving units and more. Indeed, from pan & oven racks and indoor farming equipment through to operating tables and food processing benches, you can call on us to create the equipment you need.

We believe in the strength of our products. That’s why we give you a lifetime guarantee. 

We Make It Your Way

We’re passionate about using our decades of experience and precision-manufacturing skills to create equipment that transforms the productivity & efficiency at the heart of your business. Whilst we’ll take the time to understand your unique spatial & operational requirements, we’ll even use your own drawings or sketches to manufacture equipment that’s built to last. SHOP NOW

Advanced Fabrication Machinery

Your products are created using a combination of fabrication know-how and cutting edge metal forming equipment. Ensuring you receive high quality every time thanks to our Bystronic Xpert Press Brakes - the only press brakes out there that feature dynamic crowning. By using advanced machinery and CAD-based processes, you’ll get precision and high performance every time. REACH OUT

Industries We Serve


As the celebrated manufacturers of the iconic INTELLICraft range of tables, racks, carts and trolleys, Schaumburg Specialties are your leading metal fabrication experts catering for the aerospace industry. Where you require precision, we deliver.

Agriculture & Indoor Farming

To support your agricultural business, Schaumburg Specialties offer an extensive range of precisely-engineered products that support high levels of productivity and harvest quality across hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic farming processes.

Bakery & Food

To help your thriving bakery business meet its challenges, we manufacture commercial kitchen racks, commercial bakery cooling racks and other baking racks (and carts) that are unrivalled in quality. For guaranteed performance, choose from our extensive SHOPCraft range, or place a custom order.


From utility carts to ladder picking trolleys and more, we use over 30 years of metal fabrication experience to give you a product that is designed and engineered to your precise specifications. After all: in today’s manufacturing landscape, why settle for standard?

Medical, Dental & Veterinary

With the acclaimed MEDICraft selection by Schaumburg Specialties, medical and healthcare organizations like yours can invest in medical carts, pathology carts, mortuary or necropsy carts and custom made stainless steel treatment tables that are safe to use, easy to move and simple to clean.


By investing in a 100% welded product from Schaumburg Specialties, your marine or boating company can proceed in confidence that storage, racking and transportation systems are stable, secure and engineered to the highest metal fabrication standards.
Expertise You Can Rely On

You can call on our metal forming services for virtually any sector of industry, as they offer excellent durability and unmatched strength that make them suitable in endless applications. What’s more, we complete your project with some of the shortest lead times on the market.


We’re proud to provide you with significant expertise when it comes to working with a range of materials: providing finishes in varieties such as enamel, epoxies and polyurethane, enhancing your end product’s durability, performance and aesthetic appeal.


Forget shabby design and sub-par materials. Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading craftsmanship, providing a level of skill and expertise that’s kept our customers coming back for nearly half a century. From pan & oven racks to medical carts, trolleys and storage products, we use the latest technologies and techniques to provide the superior quality equipment you need: simple.


We are serious about quality and compliance in every metal working project we take on, and that’s part of the reason why we have such a loyal customer base. Using TRUMPF machinery, we are able to perform high speed CNC punching without compromising on your part accuracy. Our punching machinery utilizes fully automated sheet loading and offline programming, giving maximum material throughput. From industrial utility carts and automotive carts to bakery racks, we can help bring your custom projects to life!


Why Choose Schaumburg Specialties?

Limetime Guarantee
We build racks to last a lifetime, guaranteed. You can expect no broken slides, robust plate mounted casters and a lifetime guarantee on SHOPCraft products. Where performance matters, we’re the natural choice.
Five Year Warranty
We offer a five year warranty on all SPACECraft and KWIKCraft products from time of delivery. We will also repair or replace any defective product covered by this warranty.*

*Repairs and replacements are at our discretion, granted the products are used for the purpose intended. Regular wear and tear, casters and/or wheels are excluded from this warranty.
Low Maintenance
Our racks and equipment require less maintenance than other brands on the market, saving you time and money. This means you can spend less time tending to your equipment and more time on production.
More Productivity
Easily transportable. Designed to perform. We call on decades of metal fabrication experience to manufacture equipment that boosts your bottom line: it’s what we do.
Fewer Inspection Issues
Years of experience working across multiple industries has highlighted the importance of meeting regulatory requirements, including USDA regulations. That’s why our products are manufactured to meet the very highest standards of safety and sanitary security.
Better for Employees
Sub-standard equipment puts your employees morale, safety and job satisfaction at risk. By investing in high-quality equipment, you can give your staff the tools they need to produce the very best results for your business. With today’s competitive marketplace, why settle for less?
Time-Saving Solutions
With today’s market pressures, time and quality are of the essence. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products with some of the shortest lead times out there. When you work with Schaumburg Specialties, you choose a manufacturer that works around you.
Reputation Management
Poor sanitation and safety issues can result in recalls, loss of revenue, loss of customers, reputational damage and even legal action. Fortunately, Schaumburg Specialties manufacture products that support the highest levels of safety and cleanliness, helping your company thrive.