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2021 Schaumburg Specialties Product Guide

Racks, Ovens, Pan Dollies, Custom fabrications to increase your efficiency, reduce your maintenance costs and reduce your risk of injuries. See our innovative mobile systems for the food industry and beyond.

Maintenance Guide For High-Temp Casters & Wheels

This maintenance guide is written to help you get the most life out of oven rack casters and wheels for those using rack ovens in the baking and food preparation industries. Since oven rack casters are used in one of the harshest environments, what you’ll find here will prolong the life of any caster you use in whatever environment.

Benefits of Using Color Anodized Pan Racks

What Will Color Anodized Pan Racks Do For You? ...Read what they did for VandeWalle’s Candies. Schaumburg Specialties Co. is pleased to offer our newest line of Aluminum Pan Racks, SHOPCraft Colors. These are color anodized pan racks for use in your Bakery for display, proofing, and delivery.

Six Mistakes you need to avoid when purchasing new Bakery Oven Racks

Bakery Racks are an integral, vital part of every bakery. Even the most automated bakery has a requirement for racks, whether it is to cool the bread or move the finished product, or for a more specialist activity such as staling, or simply to be on standby for a line breakdown or maintenance.