Specialised Equipment for Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries

Schaumburg Specialties is proud to work with America’s pharmaceutical & chemical industries as a leading manufacturer of essential equipment including scientific work benches, aluminum cupboards & cabinets, lab trolleys, mobile shelving and more. Whilst our products are built for mobility, hygienic security and performance, they also allow organizations within the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to maximize their available space cost-effectively.

Introducing MEDICraft: the iconic brand of medical tables, IV stands, carts & more for the chemical & pharmaceutical sectors.

As a family run business with over 30 years of experience supplying America’s chemical & pharmaceutical industries, Schaumburg Specialties provides a comprehensive range of trolleys, racks, carts and more, allowing the safe and efficient mobility of chemicals, drugs and laboratory devices in laboratories, processing areas and chemical plants. Using precision & accuracy, we meet all regulatory requirements and specifications which are machined to extremely tight tolerances. No matter your needs, we can create a product to fit your precise use case in chemical and pharmaceutical applications.


We understand that today’s chemical & pharmaceutical industries work with a range of corrosive and sometimes hazardous substances. The MEDICraft selection of essential medical equipment is engineered with this challenge in-mind; using durable and highly resistant materials that will not become compromised due to chemical exposure. ENQUIRE


Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes work to the very highest standards around sterilisation and hygienic security. That’s why the MEDICraft product range has been fabricated using materials that are easy to sanitize with a variety of cleaning agents, with welded seams and smooth castors to reduce particle retention & increase stability. ENQUIRE

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Trolley & Carts

Designed to precision and built to perform, order a custom built cart or trolley to help you to move chemicals, medicines and equipment with ease. We also offer stands and dispensers.

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Enclosed Cabinets

Fully enclosed and secured using a sturdy latch, you can request a cabinet from our MEDICraft range, providing a safe storage space for a range of tools and supplies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors; including devices, drugs and hazardous substances. Or browse our various racks.

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A perfect addition to any laboratory, chemical processing facility or pharmaceutical plant, our stainless steel tables provide a large and hygienic working area on which to process and store chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other medical supplies.

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Meeting Storage & Transportation Needs

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, years of experience in metal fabrication have highlighted a number of challenges faced by the chemical & pharmaceutical sectors; ranging from complex health & safety concerns to challenges around contamination, corrosion & sanitization. We help our customers navigate each of these challenges with superior-performance equipment: it’s what we do.
Whilst our products ensure the highest levels of chemical resistance and sanitisation, they also improve safety levels across your entire manufacturing process. Indeed, our welded construction and smooth casters ensure your staff can move inventory safely and confidently in confidence that their equipment is strong, stable and supportive of the heaviest weights.