Equipment for Productive Bakery Businesses

The SHOPCraft® brand is synonymous with productivity, efficiency and quality you can count on. For over 30 years, Schaumburg Specialties has combined expertise and cutting-edge fabrication technology to supply bakery companies like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts®, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, Rothbury Farms, Dunkin’ Donuts and more with superior-performance products that last a lifetime. We like the taste of that!

Discover SHOPCraft®: the celebrated tables, racks, trays and carts for the commercial bakery sector.

When it comes to operating a successful and highly productive commercial bakery business, you’ll need more than good staff and great recipes. To achieve your production goals and to meet tight schedules, your business needs a variety of products that can effectively store and transport foodstuffs under a range of pressures; from intense heat through to low temperatures. To help America’s thriving bakery industry rise to these challenges, we manufacture commercial kitchen racks, commercial bakery cooling racks and other baking racks (and carts) that are unrivalled in quality. 

Off the shelf and
custom products

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we understand that many commercial bakery businesses often produce ‘off the shelf’ and customized products. Where a personalized approach is needed, we’re here to assist with expert metal fabrication services. Regardless of your food production challenges, we can use bespoke designs to provide a solution. ENQUIRE

Creating food
processing solutions

Forget poor construction, poor mobility and poor quality parts or components. When your commercial bakery company chooses SHOPCraft®, you can proceed in confidence that you’re working with a lifetime-guaranteed product that increases the levels of productivity, efficiency and reliability that are critical to the success of your business. ENQUIRE

Our product range


Racks and Carts

Constructed based on a unique, welded design, our selection of SHOPCraft® racks and carts can be found in commercial bakery environments throughout America and beyond. Forget costly repairs and replacements: our racks & carts are built to last.

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Our superior-performance commercial ovens offer the advanced features you need to create delicious, well-finished baked goods at high capacity and volume. Whether your facility needs a Single Rack Oven, a Double Rack Oven or a Proofer/Retarder, we’ve got you covered.

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Dough Cutters

Productive and successful commercial baking operations demand durable, low-maintenance equipment for scaling operations. From single or double sheet pan dollies, to tables and dough cutters, we fabricate according to your needs.

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Enduring Products for Commercial Bakeries

When we say that SHOPCraft’s selection of pan racks, oven racks, dunnage racks and other kitchen equipment are built to stand the test of time and heavy usage, we mean it. Our choice of only the most durable of materials means that you can use your cart in the harshest of conditions, including fire and low temperatures. Meanwhile, our 100% welded construction allows for simple maintenance and cleaning.
We’re proud to lead our industry with the world’s strongest, most durable racks and carts, period. Our products allow your business to create even more high-quality baked goods en-masse, satisfying more customers in one baking session. Aside from that, the stability and mobility of our racks mean that you can move your inventory in a way that is simple and conducive to the highest levels of safety.