Private Label Equipment Manufacturing:
Create Your Own Product Line

Custom Metal Fabrication: At Schaumburg Specialties, We Make It Your Way

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’ve got the equipment, experience and metal fabrication expertise to create virtually any product your company specifies. When we say we make it your way, we mean it.


Are you a business owner, procurement professional or production floor manager? Are you interested in selling your own branded line of ancillary equipment such as racks, carts, trolleys, processing tables and more? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, our Private Label Equipment Manufacturing Service could be the answer you’re looking for.

Your Business Is Our Business:
Let’s Create Metal Equipment Together

As a family-owned business with decades of experience in the metal fabrication industry: metalwork is in our DNA. We’re proud to offer a sector-leading list of custom metal fabrication services, ranging from custom steel fabrication to custom aluminum fabrication.

We’re passionate about using our skill and expertise to create lines of private label metal equipment for businesses in Illinois and beyond. So, if you’re searching for ‘custom sheet metal fabrication near me’ or ‘custom fabrication in Chicago’, look no further than Schaumburg Specialties: the metalworkers who make it your way.

Need a Custom Fabrication Shop for Private Label Equipment?
You’ve Found the Right Place…

Businesses across virtually all sectors of industry, including resellers can enjoy major benefits from selling their own line of private label metal equipment. Here’s just a few of the sectors that count on us for custom metalworks for their own private label products…

Custom utility carts, wing transport racks, tool racks, processing tables and more. Our private label products can be found in some of the aerospace industry’s busiest production environments.


Schaumburg Specialties teams up with key players in the indoor and vertical farming industries to create private label farming equipment like seed germination racks, processing tables and more.


From aluminum transport racks to cleansing stations, we work with chemical & pharmaceutical companies to sell corrosion-resistant subsidiary equipment that’s built to last.


Oven racks, dunnage racks, nesting racks and other superior-performance industrial baking equipment. Our private label ancillary baking equipment is built by us and branded by you.


We collaborate with industrial food production companies to create private label supplemental equipment; including food processing tables, pan racks and transport racks that perform.


Custom-made equipment for manufacturing, production & assembly. Regardless of what your customer requires, we work with you to create private label equipment that brings out the best in your brand.


Instil confidence in your brand by outsourcing your metalwork to us. Our custom medical carts & stainless steel treatment tables that are safe to use & simple to clean.


Interested in reselling custom auxiliary equipment for the marine industry? Whether you want to sell seafood processing tables or supply carts, our skills can place your business as an authority.


Have You Got a Private Label Idea?

No idea is too big, too small or too complex. Whatever supporting equipment you’d like to sell, you can count on Schaumburg Specialties to create private label products that perform.

We Build It, You Brand It:
Why Choose Us for Private Label Metalwork?

Schaumburg Specialties is America’s trusted voice when it comes to outsourced metal fabrication. From initial design consultations through to custom fabrication services including metal forming, metal punching and other metalwork engineering and painting capabilities, we take care of your private label metal fabrication project from beginning to end.

Guaranteed Quality
Our quality systems are modelled on ISO standards as well as best practices from LEAN and Six Sigma. There’s no cause for concern - your private label products are in good hands.
Less Hassle
We invest in high quality materials and technologies so you don’t have to, helping your business make huge savings on manufacturing-related overheads.
Dedicated Project Management
We take care of your entire Private Label project from start to finish. From initial consultations and design stages right through to manufacture and delivery, you can count on our metal fabrication experts to bring your project to a successful conclusion.
Prototyping to Large-Scale Production
Whether you need a one-off order to a large series of products, our Private Label Fabrication Service helps you find the perfect solution.
Superior Materials
We make some of the best-value private label products that metal fabrication has to offer, using only the finest materials to satisfy your customers.
Advanced Machinery
We create superior-performance private label equipment by using some of the industry’s most advanced machinery; from CNC Tube Benders to software platforms like SolidWorks and TruTops Punch.
Instant Quotes
Forget lengthy delays and vague answers. By opting for our Private Label service, you get a quote that is instant and accurate. You can even get an accurate quote on certain components and services through our dedicated AutoQuote page.
Submit Your Drawing
Have you got your own idea around what your unique product should look like, or the function it should serve? Do you have drawings or simple sketches which reflect your idea? We want to see them. Submit your drawings and we will bring them to life.

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