With production and workspace requirements constantly changing, having flexible production equipment that can evolve with your business is essential.
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Now, we’re proud to offer a wide range of premium quality, custom configured industrial partitions (curtain walls, doors and room dividers) that allows your workspace to adapt to your production requirements, providing the flexible and safe space separation that permanent walls can’t!

Give your production line the flexibility it deserves and transform the efficiency and productivity of your business! Contact us today to discuss a tailormade solution.

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Industrial Curtain Walls

Separate your workspace into clearly definable areas without the need for time consuming and expensive construction work.

Our broad range of industrial curtain walls gives you:

1. Complete flexibility on how you use your workspace.
2. Maximum efficiency & productivity / minimal downtime – close off some areas for maintenance while other areas continue functioning as normal.
3. The highest sanitation standards – segregate allergen from non-allergen areas and washdown spaces from the rest of your production line.
4. A safe, secure and comfortable working environment for your employees.

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Original Curtain Walls

Curtain Wall - Schaumburg Partitions

Open up space when your production line demands and create instant protection against dust, overspray, allergens and contaminants - ensuring your operations are complying with the highest hygiene security standards. Close some areas for maintenance while the rest of your production areas carry on as usual - optimizing your production capacity and minimizing the risk of downtime and disruption to your operations.

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Climate Curtain Walls

Climate Curtain Wall - Schaumburg Partitions

For flexible climate control at your fingertips, use these curtains to create a separate temperature-controlled space - or even a whole room! Made from double-paneled vinyl with a foil insulation thermal barrier, they optimize energy efficiency and dramatically reduce temperature loss to help maintain the integrity of your product at all times.

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Clean Curtain Walls

Clean Curtain Wall - Schaumburg Partitions

Reduce downtime and maximize production capacity by keeping washdown areas separate, while the rest of your production line continues firing on all cylinders. Made from heavy duty, non-porous PVC material, these curtains are designed to prevent the build-up of bacteria, helping to ensure your business meets the highest sanitation and food safety standards.

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Outdoor Curtain Walls

Outdoor Curtain Wall - Schaumburg Partitions

Protect your employees and machinery from harsh weather conditions in your outdoor areas and exterior openings, to improve employee comfort and satisfaction and boost your bottom line.

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Truck & Trailer Curtains

Truck Trailer Curtain - Schaumburg Partitions

Maintain the quality and integrity of your perishable goods from dispatch to destination with our reefer curtains! A robust barrier against cold air exit and warm air entry, these curtains help ensure your goods remain at their required temperature while making deliveries - and throughout your entire journey.

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Roll-Up Curtain Walls

Roll-up Curtain Walls - Schaumburg Partitions

Enjoy all the benefits of the flexible space separation given by our Original Curtain Walls - but then free up your floor space at the touch of a button! Simple to activate and operate, gain easy access to your workspace and eliminate the need to manually push the curtain wall aside to enter and exit.

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Clean Guard Doors

Clean Guard Doors - Schaumburg Partitions

Pair with our Clean Curtain Walls for the ultimate in fully integrated and accessible wash down areas. Designed for wash down and wet applications, these doors are built using corrosion-resistant materials to help you maximize sanitation and allergen control in your facility and prevent cross-contamination in your work areas.

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Bug Screen Doors

Bug Screen Doors - Schaumburg Partitions

Let fresh air in and keep bugs, pests and intruders out! These highly durable, corrosion-resistant doors have mesh and solid panels that can easily be interchanged, depending on the time of year and the environment you need to create in your workspace.

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High Performance Doors

Our high performance vinyl doors provide the perfect door solution for any opening on your premises. Available in a range of speeds and custom configured for a variety of opening sizes, they help to improve workflow and your employees’ working environment - helping increase the efficiency of your production line and the profitability of your business.

Strip Doors


Allow you to easily separate different areas of your facility and block off noise, dust and contaminants – while also allowing unrestricted and easy access for workers and machinery.

  • Made from durable, scratch-resistant material, so they can withstand heavy duty usage.
  • Ability to reduce 80% of air loss helps reduce your energy costs!
  • Transparent finish means full visibility and enhanced safety for your employees.
  • Multiple mounting options guarantee an exact fit for your application.

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Whatever your industry or application, flexibility, mobility and safety are always paramount on your production floor! With FastWall partitions, you can create separate zones across your workspace, allowing for the segregation of raw/cooked ingredients, vegan food lines, allergens and non-allergens and personnel, for a premises that is fully compliant with the highest food safety standards.

• Flexible and Mobile – can flex up to 300 degrees to quickly reconfigure space in response to production demands.
• 100% Hygienic – made from stainless steel; no loose fixings or water traps.
• Complete allergen and contamination control.
• Seamless connections – each section locks together effortlessly to create the exact wall length you need.
• Super easy to assemble and store.

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Whatever your partition needs, we have a curtain, wall or door to match. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Blue fastwall industrial partitions
Area Demarcation
segregated food areas with fastwall industrial partitions
Food Separation
easily installed fastwall partition
Temporary Wall
Outdoor Protection
Grey industrial partitions with roller doors
Roller Partition
Grey industrial partitions and blue bug screen door
Insect Barrier
Clear curtain walls in warehouse
Clear Divider
Strip Doors

Surveying, Sales, Installation, Maintenance – We Can Do It All!


We pride ourselves on putting our customers and their production needs first. That’s why we offer a holistic service that accounts for every part of the process of acquiring your perfect industrial partition.

  • Surveying – Visit your premises in person to ascertain its partitioning potential and precise production requirements.
  • Sales – Ensure you receive a tailormade solution for your business.
  • Expert installation for rapid implementation and integration into your production line. Installation can be scheduled during down time for minimal facility interruption.
  • Maintenance – Our technicians will visit your premises to service and maintain your industrial partitions, ensuring the continued smooth running of your operations.

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