High-Performance Food Service Equipment

From oven & pan racks, pizza racks and aluminium dunnage racks through to bakery cooling racks, commercial dish racks and industrial dish racks; Schaumburg Specialties’ creations have served America’s food production industry for over 30 years. We combine our experience and expertise with the latest in metal fabrication to transform the productivity, efficiency and safety at the heart of our customers’ business.

Introducing SHOPCraft®: the iconic brand of tables, racks and carts for the food sector.

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we pride ourselves on our selection of lifetime-guaranteed products that are designed to perform in the busiest, most fast-paced of food production environments. Whether you’re opting for a commercial oven rack or custom dunnage racks, you can proceed in confidence that you’re using a product that is low-maintenance, high-performance and guaranteed to last for a lifetime. From our unique welded construction through to our durable materials, it’s no surprise we’re the top choice for brands like Krispy Kreme, Rothbury Farms, Dunkin’ Donuts & more.

Food Preparation
& Restaurants

Whether you operate a small restaurant, or a large food preparation operation, your business needs equipment that is guaranteed to perform under pressure - and that includes pan racks, oven racks, dunnage racks, carts, trolleys, tables & more. Fortunately, our products offer the features you need to maximize your output and meet the tightest of production schedules. ENQUIRE

Food Processing

Today’s busy food processing industry demands heavy-duty products that can stand the test of time and constant usage. In order to meet this challenge, Schaumburg Specialties provides a range of durable, easy-to-move products that allow for the baking, transportation and storage of beautifully-finished foodstuffs en-masse. ENQUIRE

Our product range



Constructed based on a unique, welded design, our selection of SHOPCraft® racks and carts can be found in food production environments throughout America and beyond. Forget costly repairs and replacements: our products are built to last.

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Transport Carts & Dollies

Designed to precision and built to perform, our range of heavy duty transport carts and dollies help you to move ingredients, equipment and boxes with ease. All tubing is welded closed for a clean and sanitary cart.

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Tables & Processing

Productive and successful food processing operations demand durable, low-maintenance spaces on which to cut, slice and process a range of ingredients. SHOPCraft® tables tick all the boxes, no-matter the challenge.

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Animal Feed & Pet Food Processing

America’s animal feed & pet food processing sectors must operate according to the highest levels of safety and hygiene. To meet these challenges, Schaumburg Specialties manufacture racks, carts and pet food preparation tables that are supportive of heavy loads and easy to clean, with our unique designs providing less opportunities for bacteria and germs to find a home.
Aside from allowing your pet food processing operation to enhance its levels of safety and hygiene, SHOPCraft® racks and carts give your business the tools to maximize production efficiency. Our solutions are relatively lightweight and easy to move, allowing even more pet food products to be created within a shorter timescale. Where production speed and volume are of the essence, you can call on the Schaumburg team.