Pioneering Performance in Agriculture & Indoor Farming to Meet Production Needs

As an industry, agriculture and indoor farming are growing exponentially in America and beyond, with crops like tomatoes, chives and medicinal cannabis occupying large portions of the market. In order to support the growth of this industry, Schaumburg Specialties offer an extensive range of precisely-engineered products that support high levels of productivity and harvest quality across hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic farming processes.

AGRICraft offers made to specification products: tables, racks, trays and carts for the indoor farming and agriculture sector.

Today’s growing indoor and vertical farming sector needs sturdy, supportive products that are highly resistant to a number of pressures; including humidity, temperature and aggressive PH levels. By choosing our range of durable products, indoor farming operations can proceed in confidence that their drying racks and crop growing racks will be fully resistant to a range of fertilizers and chemicals whilst maximizing the efficiency and quality of their final harvest. When all of those elements of your growing operation are taken care of, a good yield can be expected.


At Schaumburg Specialties, we understand that certain crops must go through a unique set of processes to achieve a high quality end product. That’s why we’re proud to offer procession workstations and other indoor farming essentials that are designed according to the nature of your crop, the conditions it demands and the space it requires to thrive. ENQUIRE

Produce &
Feed Processing

Whether you’re using hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic processes (or a combination of these processes), your drying racks and growing tables must provide a safe ground for agricultural products to grow and survive. That’s why our products provide ample space for trimming and pruning, ensuring a shorter drying time by encouraging strong airflow. ENQUIRE

Our product range


Utility Carts & Boot Racks

Unlike any other indoor farming carts, AGRICraft products feature a welded construction which is designed to last. What’s more, these sturdy farming essentials can support heavy weights, including finished crops and bags of fertilizer.

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Germination Racks

Our germination, drying, and crop growing racks are fully resistant to a range of fertilizers and chemicals, maximizing the efficiency and quality of your harvest.

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Processing Tables

Productive and successful indoor farming operations demand durable, low-maintenance spaces on which to process a range of crops. Our selection of racks and carts tick all those farming boxes, no-matter the challenge. Get in touch to get started!

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Meeting the Needs of the Indoor Farming Sector

Indoor farming is set to transform America’s agricultural industry. However, to realize the true potential of these innovative farming processes, businesses must be prepared with the right equipment, including farming racks, herb drying racks, processing tables and more. In order to support the growth of this exciting industry, we’re offering products that allow you to grow more agricultural products, faster.
Agriculture and indoor farming operations typically operate under a number of changing environmental conditions; including humidity, temperature and fluctuating PH levels. By opting for equipment from Schaumburg Specialties, your farming operation can proceed in confidence that your racks, carts, trolleys and dollies are equipped to deal with these pressures, facing zero rust or erosion due to contact with water or aggressive fertiliser products. For a healthy, productive harvest, call on the Schaumburg team.