High-Performance Equipment for Seafood & Marine Industries

When you’re working with boats, sea-faring vessels and products harvested from the oceans, keeping things ship-shaped can be a challenge. In order to support companies working in these environments, Schaumburg Specialties combines decades of metal fabrication experience with high-performance materials to provide service carts, trolleys, tool racks, shelving and more. Where high-performance equipment for marine & boating industries is needed, get on board with us!

Browse INTELLICraft: superior-quality equipment for the marine & boating sectors.

Today’s marine and boating industries require industrial trolleys, racks and carts that can perform under the pressures of time, heavy usage and even corrosion. By investing in a 100% welded product from Schaumburg Specialties, companies working within the marine and boating spaces can proceed in confidence that their storage, racking and transportation systems are stable, secure and engineered to the highest metal fabrication standards. Whether you need to store heavy marine parts or if you need a surface on which to process seafood products, don’t stress: we’ve got the product to match!

Marine Storage Parts & Transportation
& Transportation

Years working within the storage parts & transportation space have made Schaumburg Specialties an expert in the provision of high-quality equipment for application within the marine & boating space. For the strong and sturdy transportation and storage of marine parts and products, don’t settle for standard: choose INTELLICraft. ENQUIRE

Processing Seafood

The processing of marine products, including biophilic and seafood products, working to the highest standards of safety and hygienic security is a bare essential. When marine & boating businesses choose INTELLICraft, they choose a built-to-perform solution that is stable, easily-movable and simple to sanitize using basic cleaning products. ENQUIRE

Our product range


Packaging Tables

Available in various materials, order your custom packaging operations table featuring an adjustable hopper, braked casters and surface finish of your choice.

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Built to order, Schaumburg Specialties makes custom troughs and equipment suited to your facility needs.

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Food Processing & Prep Tables

We’re proud to stock a huge selection of work tables, packing tables, workbenches and processing tables that retain their high-performance qualities after years of exposure to salt water, chemicals and continued impact from blades and other tools.

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Expert Metal Fabrication for Quick Processing and Top Quality Results

Whether your marine or boating business operates on-board a vessel or in a large processing plant, one thing is certain: your staff deserve high-quality support systems and other equipment that puts their convenience, safety and welfare first. The INTELLICraft selection ticks all of these boxes with heavy-duty racks, trolleys and carts that guarantee higher levels of safety, productivity & efficiency.
Ideal for moving multiple, heavy items over longer distances within a large building or one with multiple floors, our range of processing tables, sinks, trolleys and carts are available in many different variations according to your spatial, budgetary and operational requirements. To get started with your own personalised design project, reach out to a member of the Schaumburg Specialties team for a free consultation.