Metal Fabrication for Medical Purposes

America’s thriving medical, dental and veterinary sectors operate to the highest standards of hygiene, health and safety. With the acclaimed MEDICraft selection by Schaumburg Specialties, medical and healthcare organizations can invest in medical carts, pathology carts, mortuary or necropsy carts and custom made stainless steel treatment tables that are safe to use, easy to move and simple to clean. With today’s public health challenges, why settle for standard?

Introducing MEDICraft: precision metal fabrication for medical, dental & veterinary purposes.

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’re proud to use our decades of experience in metal fabrication to create a safer, more secure healthcare landscape throughout the USA. From medical racks and frames to storage units, work tables and more, we build equipment for the medical, dental and veterinary sectors  that meet and exceed industry specifications and standards. Whilst our welded construction offers security and stability wherever it is needed, our choice of materials are easily sanitized to a high standard using basic cleaning products. Where sanitation and support are essential, choose MEDICraft.

Medical Racks
& Work Tables

Whether your organisation operates in the medical, dental or veterinary sectors, it is essential to invest in racks and work tables that offer optimal efficiency and ultimate cleanliness. Our essential medical cart features a welded construction, providing less places for germs and bacteria to call home. Meanwhile, our medical carts and more provide foot-operated levers for sanitary use. ENQUIRE

Storage Units
& Frames

Depending on the size, scale or nature of your medical, dental or veterinary organisation, using space effectively and safely is a top priority. By investing in Schaumburg Specialties’ selection of medical storage units and custom made frames, your organisation can store essential equipment like drugs and sharp tools in a place that is safe, secure and accessible to authorised personnel only. This can bring the added benefit of freeing up more space in your treatment areas, enhancing levels of safety in the process. Discover strength and sanitation combined with MEDICraft! ENQUIRE

Our product range


Cabinets & Racks

Our custom built cabinets and racks feature a strong, sturdy base with lockable wheels to offer both functionality and manoeuvrability. We also supply IV stands and dispensers.

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Keeping medical instruments and supplies safe and clean requires a platform that is stable and conducive to the highest levels of hygiene. Fortunately, our selection of adjustable, reliable medical tables cannot be beaten on sanitation or strength. We also supply autopsy and necropsy tables.

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Overbeds & Carts

A perfect addition to any clinic or hospital, Schaumburg Specialties offers custom medical carts that provide a large staging area on which to process and store utensils, equipment, medication or other supplies.

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Custom Made Clinical Equipment

We’re passionate about using our 30+ years of metal fabrication expertise to make a real difference to our medical, dental and veterinary sectors. That’s why we’ve channelled all of our skill and experience to introduce MEDICraft: the durable and definitive selection of precision-manufactured medical products from the experts at Schaumburg Specialties. Where sanitation, safety and support are needed, we’re here to help.

Adjustable, easily-movable and supportive of heavy working loads, choose the MEDICraft range.
Our medical carts, food racks and supply tables have become a cornerstone of the MEDICraft brand. However, our offering doesn’t stop there. We’re also proud to provide an array of medical equipment essentials, including hand sanitizer dispensers, medical supply dollies, IV stands and more, with each and every product finished to the highest industry standards. We can even create a bespoke product - just get in touch!