In the fast-moving world of perishable goods transportation and stringent food safety regulations such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), keeping your cargo cool on the road has never been more important. If you work in the food processing business, it’s likely that maintaining the shelf life of your perishable goods in transit is constantly on your mind.

Now you can say goodbye to temperature worries and hello to top notch cold cargo care with our NEW refrigerated truck and trailer curtains. At Schaumburg Specialties, our rear roller refrigerated truck and trailer curtains are optimally designed to act as a robust barrier against cold air loss and warm air entry during the delivery process, helping to ensure the integrity and quality of your produce from dispatch to destination.

Read on to discover more about our rear roller refrigerated truck and trailer curtains, and the five reasons why they’re one of the best investments you can make for your food business…

1. Highly Efficient Temperature Control

The ability of our refrigerated truck curtains to maintain a consistent internal environment for your temperature-sensitive produce while making deliveries is second to none.

Open doors are magnets for heat and humidity, which can spoil your perishable goods. Made from 18oz commercial grade vinyl – which enhances their insulation properties – our curtains work to minimize cold air exit and warm air entry, ensuring your goods remain at their required temperature and maintain their quality and safety throughout your journey. They also help to act as a barrier against pests and insects, as well as smoke and dust, all of which can have a detrimental effect on your cargo.

In addition to helping to keep your perishable goods safe, our curtains’ temperature control abilities can also help to mimimize your vehicle refrigerator’s fuel consumption and increase its efficiency, thereby reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your business today by investing in our truck & trailer curtains – you won’t be disappointed. Contact our experts to find out more and place your order.

2. Made From Highly Durable Material

Schaumburg Specialities Refrigerated Trailer Curtains Close Up Material

All our truck and trailer refrigerated curtains are made from 18oz commercial grade vinyl, a highly durable, flexible and chemically resistant material that can withstand heavy use.

The curtains are able to resist tears, punctures and abrasions, which is crucial when they’re subjected to frequent opening and closing. Vinyl material also helps the curtains stay flexible even in very cold temperatures. This flexibility helps prevent cracking or stiffening of the material over time, ensuring the curtains continue to operate smoothly and effectively to protect your perishable goods.

Commercial grade vinyl is also often designed to resist various chemicals, including cleaning agents and food substances. This ensures the longevity of the curtains and prevents any deterioration from chemical exposure.

3. Easy To Install, Operate And Maintain

Our 18oz vinyl rear roller curtains are super easy to install, operate and keep clean and sanitary.

They come complete with roller track and side brackets and are chain-weighted for added stability. Easy to install and secure to the sidewall with velcro tabs, the curtains operate on a roller mechanism located at the rear of the truck or trailer, which rolls from side to side to enable easy access and passage of goods, personnel and equipment in and out of the refrigerated vehicle.

Keeping your curtains clean and sanitized is paramount wherever fresh or frozen product is being stored and transported – and happily, maintenance is also a breeze with our truck and trailer curtains. The vinyl’s smooth surface helps inhibit bacteria or molds and makes it very easy to clean with a mild detergent.

4. Highly Versatile

Refrigerated Trailer Curtains Closed Back

Our refrigerated truck and trailer curtains are highly versatile and suitable for use with various types of trucks and door configurations (including both swing door and roll up), in a variety of applications and for a wide array of transportation needs.

They can be made from transparent or partially transparent materials, which provide visibility into a refrigerated space. Such visibility is very handy for keeping an eye on your products and an eye out for potential hazards.

When compared to traditional strip curtains, rear roller curtains come up trumps in practically all areas – they provide better insulation, they’re better at keeping contaminants out and they’re far easier to maintain and keep clean. Strip curtains can also pose a dangerous trip hazard for personnel, something to be avoided when loading and unloading precious cold cargo.

Contact our highly knowledgeable team today to discuss your specific cold cargo requirements.

5. Customizable Solutions

Being so versatile means that our refrigerated truck and trailer curtains are highly customizable! Available in standard sizes, as well as various different sizes and configurations, they can also be easily trimmed and adjusted to fit the exact size of your truck or trailer door opening.

Protect Your Produce with Refrigerated Truck Curtains Now

Be in no doubt that opting for our rear roller truck and trailer curtains will give you peace of mind that the integrity and freshness of your perishables is being maintained, that you’re saving energy costs and boosting your workflow and operational efficiency.

Make the right curtain call today! Talk to one of our experts about a tailored solution for your business.