Metal thickness, usually measured in terms of gauge (GA), is a crucial determinant of how a piece of metal equipment will perform and its suitability for use in a specific application.

It matters because it dictates the reliability of your production equipment in a particular environment or scenario, and whether that equipment will ensure efficiency, productivity and profits for your business.

Thicker gauge metals are often used in applications where strength and durability are critical, such as construction or industrial kitchens, while thinner gauges are often suitable for more lightweight applications such as manufacturing car body panels or consumer electronics.

Of course, it depends on your specific application, but at Schaumburg Specialties, we usually find that the use of thicker aluminum or stainless steel in manufacturing our SHOPCraft, MEDICraft, and INTELLICraft ranges means better quality, more durable and longer lasting production equipment for our clients.

Every single one of our products is made from premium quality, American metal, which makes it better performing, stronger, more durable and more reliable than often-imported competitor alternatives.

Read on to discover why metal thickness matters in the manufacture of the best production equipment on the market – and why our exceptional, USA-made materials always show their true mettle…


Thicker Metal Is Stronger


Thicker metal usually provides greater structural strength than thinner alternatives and is less likely to deform or fail under pressure. This is particularly important in applications where the material may be subject to stress, weight, or impact, such as in a meat production facility, aerospace manufacturing or chemical processing plant.

The metal we use to fabricate our iconic SHOPCraft, INTELLICraft and MEDICraft ranges products is thicker and can weigh twice as much on average as our competitors – which makes its ability to bear loads without sagging or collapsing second to none.

On the whole, we prefer to use thicker metal when fabricating metal production equipment, because it gives us more material for welding together the joins that make up the famously strong structure of our SHOPCraft commercial pan racks.

The tube walls used to fabricate a Schaumburg Specialties rack are markedly thicker than competitor alternatives.

All the production equipment we design and build is manufactured from premium quality, American-made aluminum and stainless steel, so you’re extremely unlikely to see any scratches, crevices, pitting or rusting occurring.

You’ll never see our racks bend, sway or crack, you’ll never see them collapse – even with heavy use – and you’ll never see them break. This is not only crucial for the production efficiency of your business and your profits but also the safety and security of your employees.

Talk to us today about our super strong production equipment and place your order to transform the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Thicker Metal Is More Durable


thick metal plates

Thicker metal is often more durable and exhibits better resistance to corrosion and wear and tear than thinner alternatives. This is highly advantageous in the often severe conditions of a marine or chemical manufacturing environment where metal equipment can often be exposed to abrasive or corrosive substances.

In a commercial bakery, for example, one of our SHOPCraft racks, which is made of thicker metal than its nearest competitor – and can weigh double! – would perform reliably and consistently even in extremely high oven temperatures or icy freezer or cooling conditions.

This greater durability and ability to consistently and reliably withstand harsh environments and corrosion over time means equipment made from thicker metal will also last longer, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying out for expensive replacements down the line.

Our premium quality SHOPCraft, MEDICraft and INTELLICraft production equipment will undoubtedly cost a little more than our competitors – but this is because we’re using thicker, better quality American-made materials, so you’re always getting more for your money. In the short term, it will be a little more expensive, but in the long run its superior quality will win through.

What’s more, all our products come with our famous Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if any damage occurs that isn’t down to misuse, we’ll repair or replace the product free of charge. Contact us today to learn more and speak to our expert team.


Thicker Metal Is More Stable And Retains Its Form


thick metal pipes

Thicker metals tend to display increased stability and rigidity, when compared to their thinner counterparts. This is crucial in applications such as the food service, marine or aerospace industries where maintaining a specific shape or structure under often harsh conditions is essential. Thicker metal resists bending and flexing, ensuring that the material retains its intended form.

The design team at Schaumburg Specialties are experts in the physics of rack stability and make sure that every rack we produce is safe, stable and secure, while being optimized to bear the weight of practically anything! Talk to one of our experts today about your specific requirements.




We have seen that metal thickness is a crucial factor in determining how your metal production equipment will perform under certain conditions and in certain environments – and that the performance of your equipment dictates the commercial success of your business.

It does of course depend on the application, but in general, we find that thicker metals perform better and are more reliable for our clients’ purposes, whether they run a commercial bakery or meat production plant, a chemical or aerospace manufacturing facility or a veterinary practice.

All our amazing SHOPCraft, MEDICraft, INTELLICraft and AGRICraft ranges are built from the ground up, from premium quality, American mined metals that are thicker on average than our competitors. Which means they’re stronger, more durable and more stable than thinner alternatives.

At Schaumburg Specialties, your productivity is our passion. So reach out today to discuss a custom build or to place an order for our expertly fabricated equipment.