As any busy industrial bakery owner knows, a free-flowing, efficient work space needs top performing, reliable and durable food production equipment to be a commercial success.

That applies to all your food production equipment, but especially your racks, because they are the vehicle that transports your product around your bakery and houses it while it’s baked and cooled. If your racks aren’t performing well, your business could suffer from reduced production time and reduced yield, not to mention reduced profits.

Broken racks can leave you with less dough – quite literally. Not only will you lose your baked product if it falls onto the floor – and then, it can only be destined for the trash! – you will lose money too.

However, investing in our SHOPCraft range will make all your broken rack problems disappear. Our sheet pan racks and industrial bakery racks are premium quality, durable and will reliably perform day in, day out. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, to offer you reassurance that we stand by every SHOPCraft product we make and will take on the maintenance and repairs of any equipment that has not been misused.

Read on to learn the main ways that broken racks can negatively affect your business and why our SHOPCraft range, which is designed to perform and built to last, will never let you down…

How Broken Racks Can Negatively Affect Your Business


Did you know? Just two broken slides on a bakery rack could mean a 10 per cent production capacity loss – and that’s a lot of dough lost, in terms of both product and money.

Broken bakery racks can hinder your production time. If your racks are broken, where are all of your perfectly crafted products going to go to be baked, or to cool once they come out of the oven? You’ll spend precious time trying to find places to put your product when you should be getting the next batch ready!

Similarly, if a rack is broken, there’s less capacity on it for your product. And if there isn’t enough room on your racks for your product, the amount you can produce will inevitably suffer.

Broken racks are also likely to be left to one side, taking up valuable space in your business premises. If the amount of room you have to work in is compromised, that will slow down the production efficiency of your production line and again reduce the amount of baked goods you’re able to make.

The unfortunate result of a business that is losing production time and production capacity and isn’t optimizing its workspace effectively, is a reduction in product yield and a subsequent loss of revenue.

However, broken racks don’t just adversely affect your business in terms of a loss of production efficiency and profits. When your racks are broken or in need of repair, they can start to lean and sway – and even start to crack – during use. This is enormously problematic for your employees who could experience an accident and become injured while carrying out their daily work, leading to all sorts of potential personnel and injury claim issues.

Don’t let broken racks leave you with less dough! At Schaumburg Specialties, fabricating premium quality food production equipment is in our dna. Our SHOPCraft range of racks is strong, durable and corrosion-resistant and will perform consistently at the very highest level. Read on to find out all the reasons why our SHOPCraft racks are well worth investing in…

How Schaumburg Specialties’ SHOPCraft Range Can Leave You With More – Not Less – Dough!

Schaumburg Specialties understands what it means to have an efficient, productive and profitable business and the key role that top-performing, durable racks play in achieving it.

We have worked with many clients across America for over 40 years, each with their own unique production challenges and specific requirements – and we always make it our mission to provide our customers with racks that transform the efficiency and productivity at the heart of their business. Click on the link to learn more about what Schaumburg Specialties can do for your business.

Continue reading to learn more about how our SHOPCraft racks can make sure you end up with more, not less, dough!

Pre-assembled, all-welded construction


At Schaumburg Specialties, our racks are fully assembled, welded using premium quality metal, and ready to use straight away on your busy production line.

Whether you choose aluminum or stainless steel racks, we guarantee that they will not suffer from broken slides. Our expert welders ensure that each rack we make is super strong and super sturdy and is extremely unlikely to break or corrode, even with heavy use. Many racks also include stainless steel fasteners which attach to the caster, making them even sturdier and less likely to sway or break.

Being all-welded also means the tube ends of each rack are welded shut. This is important because it means food, debris, and dirt are unable to penetrate the rack and become a breeding ground for bacteria, helping you keep fully compliant with the strict food safety standards we follow here in the US.

SHOPCraft Racks Boost Efficiency & Productivity


When you’re trying to run a successful business you need equipment that works as hard as you do! Our SHOPCraft range of premium quality sheet pan racks is the highest performing, most durable range out there and we can guarantee our racks will last a lifetime.

They can withstand very high oven temperatures and heavy use and are highly corrosion-resistant, meaning you can rely on them to consistently perform at the very highest level.

Broken racks will take away from your production capacity and workspace, but our SHOPCraft racks will ensure these vital factors are optimised, making for the most dough – product AND profit – possible!

Being all-welded, as previously mentioned, also means our oven racks are easy to clean and sterilize, letting you get on with the important business of baking and saving you valuable production time. Requiring little maintenance also helps reduce downtime and extra labor costs, boosting the efficiency and productivity at the heart of your business.

SHOPCraft Racks Come With A Lifetime Guarantee

Time and time again, we speak to food production and commercial baking businesses who have opted for cheaper racks, only to find that they’ve started to break down after months of heavy use and they’ve been left with less dough!

All our SHOPCraft racks, however – in fact, every product that we make – are covered by Schaumburg Specialties’ series of guarantees that protect our clients’ investment for the lifetime of the product they buy.

We stand behind the quality and workmanship of everything that we build and if anything goes wrong that isn’t down to misuse, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. Our Schaumburg Specialties lifetime guarantee will save you spending lots of cash on repairs and replacements in the future and ensure you’re not left out of pocket.

SHOPCraft Racks Ensure Employee Safety


Poorly constructed or broken racks could tip over and injure someone on your business premises at any time, leaving you facing a compensation claim or lawsuit.

Investing in high quality, durable SHOPCraft racks, however, that won’t tip over or break gives you peace of mind regarding your employees’ safety. The design team at Schaumburg Specialties are experts in the physics of rack stability and make sure that every rack we produce is safe, stable and secure, thus ensuring you’re fully compliant with health and safety regulations and you won’t be left having to pay out as a result of any legal action.

Quick Turnaround Times


You can’t get going with making more dough when you don’t have the racks to do it! Luckily, our super fast turnaround times and delivery process ensures you get your chosen racks, custom build or product customization project as quickly as humanly possible. We’ve even been known to jump in a lorry and make deliveries ourselves!

Premium quality SHOPCraft racks can make all and any problems you may have with broken racks disappear. All-welded, corrosion-resistant, super strong and extremely durable, our racks require little maintenance and will optimise your workspace and production capacity and ensure you are fully compliant with food and health and safety standards.

Don’t settle for broken racks and less dough – invest in SHOPCraft and transform your business’ productivity and profitability for good.

Contact us today to discuss a product customization or custom build, or to talk about any of our in-stock SHOPCraft products.

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