At Schaumburg Specialties, we understand that your production and workspace requirements constantly change – which means it’s crucial to have versatile, adaptable production equipment that can evolve with your business.

However, constantly changing your working environment and the dimensions of your operational space would be very time consuming and costly. That’s why we now offer a wide range of premium quality, custom configured industrial partitions that allows your workspace to adapt to your production requirements as you go.

Our industrial partitions (curtain walls, high performance doors and FastWall room dividers) provide the flexible, safe, sanitary and cost effective space separation that permanent walls can’t!

Read on to discover the six reasons why investing in our industrial partitions is an ultra smart move that will help to boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Grey industrial partitions with roller doors

Six Reasons Why Our Industrial Partitions Are A Smart Investment


1. Space Optimization

Optimize your available workspace by dividing larger areas into smaller, functional sections and help increase the capacity, efficiency and productivity of your operations.

Our custom designed Original Curtain Walls and FastWall dividers, for example, work brilliantly to help you create dedicated space for different tasks and/or personnel, allowing workers to concentrate on the task in hand without distractions from a noisy production line, machinery or colleagues! Segregate allergen areas from non-allergen areas or close off areas for maintenance, allowing the rest of your production line to continue functioning as normal.

Grey Curtain Wall with transparent section
Original Curtain Walls
Red Fastwall dividers
FastWall dividers

You can even make the most of the space in your outdoor areas by using our Outdoor Curtain Walls. These will help to keep your employees and machinery protected from harsh weather conditions while allowing you to maximize your valuable workspace opportunities.

Outdoor Curtain Walls
Outdoor Curtain Walls

2. Total Flexibility

Open up work space as soon as your production line demands with our Original Curtain Walls and FastWall dividers. FastWall is incredibly flexible and mobile and can flex up to 300 degrees to quickly reconfigure space in response to production demands or to section off machinery or equipment if needed.

Custom configured to your unique production and workspace requirements, our Original Curtain Walls give you complete flexibility on how you use your workspace.

Or why not invest in our Roll-Up Curtain Walls, which allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the flexible space separation given by Original Curtain Walls, but have the added advantage of letting you free up your space at the touch of a button!?

Roll-Up curtain walls
Roll-Up Curtain Walls

Bug-screen doors too allow you to be completely flexible in how you use your workspace. Highly durable and corrosion-resistant, these doors not only keep bugs and pests out, they have both mesh and solid panels that can easily be interchanged, depending on the time of year and the environment you need to create in your workspace.

Bug Screen Doors
Bug Screen Doors

Give your production line the flexibility it deserves – contact us to discuss your custom partition requirements and make the smart investment today!

Grey industrial partitions and blue bug screen door

3. Food Safety And Employee Security

In a world where health and safety regulations such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) are becoming ever more stringent, adhering to strict food safety policies and using 100% hygienic equipment is paramount.

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in high quality equipment that will help maintain the integrity of your perishable products.

Our range of industrial curtain walls, high performance doors and FastWall dividers provides immediate protection from dust, allergens and contaminants and the segregation of raw/cooked ingredients, to help ensure the safety and integrity of your product and a secure and comfortable working environment for your employees.

Use our Clean Curtain Walls, for example, to create separate washdown spaces from the rest of your production line. Made from heavy duty, non-porous PVC material, these curtains are designed to prevent the build-up of bacteria, helping to ensure your business meets the highest sanitation and food safety standards.

Pair with our Clean-Guard Doors – which are made using corrosion-resistant materials and designed specifically for wash down and wet applications – to maximize sanitation and allergen control in your facility and prevent cross-contamination in your work areas.

Clean Curtain Walls and Clean-Guard Doors

Made from stainless steel with no loose fixings or water traps, our FastWall dividers also provide complete allergen and contamination control. Use these 100% hygienic room dividers to separate areas where raw food is being processed or where vegan food lines are being prepared.

segregated food areas with fastwall industrial partitions

FastWall lets you segregate food preparation areas

Top notch protection for your perishable products is also afforded by our Climate Curtain Walls. Made from double-paneled vinyl with a foil insulation thermal barrier, these curtains create a separate temperature-controlled space, optimizing energy efficiency and dramatically reduce temperature loss, to help maintain the integrity and quality of your perishable products at all times.

Climate Control Curtains

Climate Curtain Walls

Meanwhile, our Refrigerated Truck and Trailer Curtains provide a robust barrier against cold air exit and warm air entry while making deliveries, to help ensure your perishable goods remain at their required temperature from dispatch to destination. You can read more about the key benefits of our reefer truck curtains in a previous blog.

Reefer truck curtains

There’s no doubt that our range of industrial partitions provides all you need to keep your perishable products – and your employees! – safe and secure.

Make the wise choice today and contact us to discuss your partitioning requirements.

4. Improved Workflow Efficiency

Clearly defining work areas using our premium quality industrial partitions can also help improve organization and workflow efficiency. This leads to increased productivity, as teams know where specific tasks or operations are carried out and are able to focus on the job in hand in a dedicated space.

Our Strip Doors too allow you to easily separate different areas of your facility, but importantly, they also allow unrestricted and easy access for workers and machinery. This helps improve workflow efficiency and boost the smooth running of your operations – as well as your bottom line.

Forklift driving through strip doors in factory

Strip Doors: Easy separation and easy access

Similarly, using our Clean Curtain Walls and Clean-Guard Doors allows you to keep washdown areas separate while the rest of your production line continues at its normal pace.

No need for downtime or disruptions while staff stop to wash down surfaces and equipment – they can carry on working as usual, thus improving the production efficiency of your business.

5. Cost-Effective Solutions

Industrial partitions give you the instant and flexible use of space that permanent walls will never be able to provide. Constructing permanent walls takes time, labor and typically a lot of money – and they cannot easily be taken down.

Industrial partitions on the other hand require less time and labor to install and can be relocated or removed with relative ease, saving vast amounts of money that would be required for future reconfigurations or expansions.

Fastwall dividers for example follow the workings of your facility and can be used anywhere. They offer tool-free assembly and one wall length can serve multiple purposes, to give you different working zones that are suitable for various applications – at a fraction of the price of constructing permanent walls.

FastWall: Quick, convenient and cost effective

All our vinyl doors and Roll-Up Curtain Walls are extremely cost effective ways to create instant, safe and secure working areas. Super easy to operate, they can be commissioned – and decommissioned – at the touch of a button, giving you all the workspace flexibility you need and saving you time and money both in the long and short term.

The climate control and thermal efficiency properties of our strip doors, climate control and refrigerated reefer curtains also really helps to reduce your operational and energy costs, reducing your bills and saving you money.

Improving operational efficiency and productivity through the use of industrial partitions needn’t cost a fortune – get in touch to talk to our expert team about the perfect partition solution for your business and get saving today!

6. Custom Configured For Your Business

All our industrial partitions can be custom configured to fit your specific production needs – and this makes them a really valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.

Our industrial curtain walls can be customized to suit your exact workspace requirements, while our high performance vinyl doors provide the perfect door solution for any opening on your premises. Our strip doors for example are custom configured to fit your opening size exactly and are available in multiple mounting options, guaranteeing an exact fit for your application.

goffs stripdoor mounting

Our Strip Doors have several mounting options

Meanwhile, our Bug-Screen and Clean-Guard Doors are available in a range of speeds and custom configured for a variety of opening sizes, which helps to improve workflow and your employees’ working environment – increasing the efficiency of your production line and the profitability of your business.


Industrial partitions are versatile and practical and can enhance the functionality, safety, and efficiency of industrial and commercial spaces. This in turn helps to boost the workflow efficiency and business productivity and profitability.

No doubt, the smart money is on our wide range of curtain walls, vinyl doors and FastWall room dividers. Contact our expert team today to discuss your custom configured partition solution.

Clear curtain walls in warehouse

Surveying, Sales, Installation, Maintenance – We Can Do It All!


At Schaumburg Specialties, we offer a holistic service that accounts for every part of the process of acquiring your perfect industrial partition.

We survey your premises to ascertain its partitioning potential and precise production requirements, then ensure you receive a tailor made solution for your business.

We also provide expert installation and a maintenance program to ensure the continued smooth running of your operations.