Throughout our decades of experience working with medical & healthcare businesses, we’re often asked one key question: what are the benefits of supportive private label medical equipment such as supply carts, racks, operating tables and more? This week, we answer this question once and for all, highlighting how resellers and businesses within the medical & healthcare industries can benefit from creating their own line of equipment.

Few sectors of industry demand trust and confidence more than medicine and healthcare. In environments where product performance can literally represent a life-or-death situation, procurement managers are rightly tasked with sourcing auxiliary equipment that is safe, stable and conducive to welfare and hygienic security.

So – what do we mean by supportive, or auxiliary healthcare equipment? It’s simple. These products play a small yet significant role in the delivery of high quality healthcare and can include products including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Storage products: Products like medical carts and medical supplies racks and enclosed medical cabinets are essential to support the safe and hygienic storage of supplies including surgical instruments, utensils and drugs.
  • Overbed equipment: Supportive products like medical overbed tables are important in optimising a ward’s floor space whilst facilitating comfort and care for the patient.
  • Custom-built tables: Tables are a bare essential in any medical or healthcare facilty. Indeed, whilst surgical tables and operating tables are a perfect match for any clinical care environment. Meanwhile, tables can be used port-mortem in environments such as hospital morgues.
  • Medical racks: Environments like hospitals and private medical clinics are challenged with moving large volumes of items like glasses, cups and prepared meals from one location to another. Products like glass racks, aluminum transport racks and medical overtray racks provide a safe and hygienic means of transporting and temporarily storing these products.
  • Authorised access: Many drugs and medical supplies are heavily restricted and require storage under lock and key. By opting for a secure product like an enclosed medical cabinet, medical & healthcare organisations can take significant steps towards improving drug security and patient welfare.

Examples like those listed above represent essential equipment in virtually any medical, dental or veterinary setting. Whilst these products are available to order, resellers of medical products can enjoy several advantages by selling their own line of custom-built, private label solutions. Keep reading to learn more!

Supportive Medical Equipment: Why Opt for Private Label Products?

If you’re the owner of a medical or healthcare business, selling your own line of auxiliary equipment can take your brand to the next level. Aside from the improved patient outcomes you can expect; private label products can elevate your brand when it comes to brand awareness, customer loyalty and profitability.

Here’s just a few of the benefits behind private label products:

  • Grow your patient/customer base: The cornerstone of any successful medical, dental or veterinary business is based on trust and authority. By giving your patients the opportunity to use your own brand of equipment, you can improve their relationship with your business; encouraging more referrals and fundamentally growing your patient base.
  • Improved brand awareness: If your patients and customers place their trust in you as a practitioner, they will be more inclined to trust the quality of your private label products.

By partnering with a provider of custom fabrication services and private label manufacturing, you can grow your brand awareness in a way that is both affordable and easy!

  • Customer loyalty: If you’re intending on reselling your own line of private label products, ensuring desired outcomes for end-users is essential. When your customers see real clinical benefits, you can expect your level of brand loyalty to grow significantly.
  • Medical-grade quality: By having your private label products manufactured by a reputable and experienced fabricator, you can proceed in confidence that your products meet the highest standards around hygienic security and patient welfare (we recommend stainless steel or aluminum, which are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean to the highest of industry standards).
  • Revenue opportunities: By buying private label products on a wholesale basis, your medical, dental or veterinary organisation can expand its earning potential exponentially.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A common myth behind private label products is that they are a highly costly endeavour. However, partnering with an experienced fabricator like Schaumburg Specialties allows for lower minimum order quantities, meaning you don’t face the risk of investing large amounts of capital up front. Aside from this, you can test new products more easily without facing the risk of being stuck with an excess of inventory.

Schaumburg Specialties: We Build It, Your Brand It

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’re proud to have served America’s medical, dental & healthcare sectors with superior-performance supportive medical equipment for over thirty years. When it comes to private label projects, no idea is too big or small. To find out more about the kind of products we can manufacture for your business, check out our full MEDICraft range. Alternatively, contact us now to discuss your unique clinical requirements.