Best Pizza Equipment

Pizza business is the popular and profitable one. Whether it be a party, an intimate meal, or even just a casual snack, pizza works for many occasions, and people will always be here to buy it. 13% of the American population eat pizza every day and generate 37 billion in annual revenue.

As a pizzaiolo you would want your brand of pizza to be up there, one of the smartest ways to get there is to get a great chef and some great equipment.

Essential Pizza Making Equipment

But, just like people, not all pizza is made the same. The first step to becoming the best Pizzaiolo you can be is recognizing that you need just the right commercial pizza supplies to create the perfect pie. Just like the artist needs the best quality brush and canvas, so will a pizzaiolo need the right pizzeria equipment. Here’s our pizzeria equipment list.


Pizza will not cook the right way in just any oven. Often the staple is a brick wood fire oven that you will normally see in traditional Pizzerias. It will need your oven to rise to a very specific temperature so get the perfect crust and cook that you want. This is one of the first commercial pizza supplies to consider.

Most commercial pizza ovens will cook their pies at a scorching 700 to 800 degrees while backyard shops may stay at 450 to 500 degrees, which is still a high temperature compared to most regular ovens.

A Guide to Equipment Essentials that Any Pizzeria Needs

The reason why pizza needs to be cooked at this high a temperature is primarily because of the crust. The crust is one of the best indicators if a pizza is great, average, or something that you would want to avoid for the rest of your life. Cooking at a high temperature ensures that you get that outer layer crisp without the inner layer being dry and brittle.

The next reason why pizza needs to be cooked at these high temperatures is to ensure that the combination of cheeses, sauces, meats, and whatever pizza ingredient may float your boat, will melt and cook properly at the same time as the crust given the short amount of time it spends in the oven.


If a pizza is judged by the quality of its crust, as a Pizzaiolo, one of your first priorities is to ensure that you are cooking with the perfect dough. Any compromise in this area will result in a snowball of failures that often ends in a good for nothing pie.

In the old days, good dough was prepared by kneading and folding a countless number of times until the desired texture and composition was achieved. In today’s modern world where the demand is to have everything available in an instant, you might need the help of a good mixer. A mixer will spin and fold and mix the dough for you until perfection without taking the time and energy away from you leaving you more for other more important stuff in your kitchen.

Prep Table

prep table is also vital in making the pizza-making process efficient. It gives the chef access to almost all ingredients in one place and within an arm’s-length making the assembly process quicker and better.

A Guide to Equipment Essentials that Any Pizzeria Needs

It goes without saying that sanitation is one of the most important factors in the preparation of food so it is vital to have a prep table that is separate from where you handle raw ingredients such as meats, fish, and vegetables.

Pizza Pan Racks

pan rack is one of the pizzeria equipment that is most often taken for granted. It is basically the object that the pizza sits on while it cooks or cools. What most people don’t realize is that the unusually high temperatures might bend and break a regular pan rack. This will result in uneven cooking which is one of the first things you would want to avoid if you want to cook a great pie. You will need a pan that will withstand high temperatures and that is easy to clean.

A Guide to Equipment Essentials that Any Pizzeria Needs

Other Pizza Tools Accessories and Equipment

Kitchen Scale

It is vital to make sure that pizza sizes are consistent not only to maximize the use of ingredients but also to ensure that the customer experience is consistent too. You would want them to go back to exactly the same experience they came back for. Making sure that the dough and ingredients are measured to perfection is vital to this goal. A trustworthy kitchen scale will help you a lot.

Dough Scrapers

A simple yet extremely valuable accessory to have in your pizzeria, dough scrapers are one of the cheapest tools you can get. Equipment with a handle and a square beveled blade is used to scrape, cut, and portion dough and other ingredients. It will make the job faster and easier for you and your pizza chefs.

Pizza Peels

A pizza peel is used to place the raw pizza into the oven without spilling any of the ingredients that may be loosely placed on top and most importantly, to keep you from getting burnt in ovens that can reach up to 800 degrees in temperature. It keeps you and your staff safe and of course the pizza too!


Pizza Pan Racks

Pizza can be a very lucrative venture to get into. But competing against the best out there is no easy task. It is very easy to fall along with the ranks of the average by missing out on the little things. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay competitive and on track is to have the right pizzeria equipment. Like a painter needs his brush or a carpenter his tools, a great pizza chef will need quality pizza making equipment to unleash their potential.

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