Everyone knows that sanitation is an essential part of the food industry process and it places great demands on the cleanliness of the premises and the appliances used. Baking racks are integral constituents of the food business and also do require thorough cleaning. Read our complete guide where we will discuss the importance of cleaning stainless steel commercial bakery racks, specifically stainless steel oven racks and the ways of how to clean them.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Rack?

So why is it important to clean stainless steel racks?

As anyone in the food industry, and just about everyone knows there is sanitation needed to keep spoiled or contaminated substances out of the food processing area. And just generally daily sanitation habits and practices should be maintained. It’s just a good idea! As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Just contact from humans touching and using the equipment is enough to require sanitizing. Even if there is no food contact with a rack, everyone knows in today’s COVID world that contamination is everywhere. However, the biggest source of contamination is from raw food ingredients spilling onto the surfaces of the oven rack.

You might ask: “Why should I clean my stainless steel oven racks besides removing external contamination?” Well, the answer to that is you really wouldn’t have to! The stainless steel material used in a bakery rack is a very durable and corrosion resistant material. Usually, the type of material used in a bakery rack or oven is either of a 300 series or 400 series alloy. Although the 300 series is a more durable grade, both alloys are highly resistant to corrosion. And the main reason for cleaning is because of external materials building upon the surface of the rack.

Is There Any Negative Effect on Cleaning a Stainless Steel Bakery Oven Rack?

Break in stainless steel over rack

There is no negative effect with the exception of the expense of time and money. There is only a remote possibility of corrosion if a very strong chemical was used. And this would be slightly more possible with the 400 series alloy than with the 300 series. But the generally acceptable cleaning chemicals that are commonly used would not adversely affect either stainless steel alloy. Typically your stainless steel bakery oven rack will not rust or corrode.

But if there is a negative effect on cleaning, it is plainly hard work. After fats, oils, sugars, and flour, egg, water, chemicals, etc. get sprayed, spilled, splashed on to the surface of the rack and then cooked at 450 degrees for a half an hour at a time and repeated multiple times every day or shift, this begins to build up and become very hard and difficult substance to remove or clean.

What Is The Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances?

Start with cleaning every day. This can minimize crust building up meaning that a deep clean is not needed or will not take as long as if the buildup is not heavy.

This may mean using a simple cleaning detergent spraying on, soaking and then hosing off. Or you may use a pressure washer which has more power to force crusty deposits to loosen. A rack washer is an ideal way to clean stainless steel bakery racks. Then there are more aggressive means like sandblasting, dry ice blasting and burn off oven processing for the most difficult and dirty racks.

Some of the cleaning chemicals to be considered are:

  • General purpose kitchen cleaner
  • Vinegar and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Heavy duty oven cleaner
  • Heavy heavy duty rack cleaner

How Long Can You Expect Cleaning a Stainless Steel Oven Rack to Take?

Hot to clean commercial bakery racks from Schaumburg Specialties

Well, It depends!

A lot will depend on your expectations. If you want every last spec removed it could take a long time if you have a heavy deposit build up. If you are doing this on a daily basis it may take as little as the wash cycle of your rack washer. If you are doing this manually with spray-on cleaner and pressure washer or the likes it may take half an hour per rack.


Cleaning the stainless steel commercial bakery racks is just as important a part of the cooking cycle as baking in an oven or cooling finished baked goods. However, the quality of the racks and the material they are made of also depend on the final cleaning result. We at Schaumburg Specialties will help you choose the best commercial racks! Contact us via Contact Us form or give us a call!

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