How to Choose the Best Herb Drying Rack

In a commercial herb business, to have all the known herbs at the ready is the dream. To make sure that these flavors are well preserved for future use, picking the best herb drying racks is a most important decision.

Worry not! We have the information you need to know to make the right choice.

Types of Herb Drying Racks

One of the most well-known methods to dry your herbs is air drying. This will be one of the methods that need the most patience, as it can take a bit longer to do so. But, this method helps your herbs retain the most flavor.

It’s definitely good to take note of where to dry herbs. It’s best that your herbs are air-dried over a rack as it helps them dry evenly and avoid rot or mold.

Stackable Drying Racks

Stackable drying racks are those screens you can lay your herbs on to dry and are usually square. They allow for more flexibility with space as they can be set on any flat surface. They would not need a hanging point of 5-6 feet in height to dry your herbs effectively.

herb drying rack

Hanging Drying Racks

Hanging drying racks come in many forms. Needless to say, it is still up to your preference which one you would like to use. Of course, you should still take into account the kind of herbs you will be drying and the time you can allot for it.

First, we have hanging racks with clips. So they can last long, they are mostly made of metal and will come in many sizes for easy customization of your rack. They are used for drying herb branches and are especially handy for trimming.

A popular form of air drying comes with a mesh herb drying rack. They sometimes come in single-tier types with an open top. Other times, they have multiple tiers whose levels are closed off in between but will have an opening at the front.

herb drying rack

Similar to the standard mesh drying racks are the hanging drying racks with clip-on levels. This allows you to take off any unit or level that is not being used, just clip them on and off as necessary. Do take note that only the top-level will have hanging support. So, you may not be able to use the lower levels or units on their own.

Lastly, we have the hanging drying racks with zipper openings for each unit or level. This completely closes off your drying herbs from outside elements. The enclosure and zipper openings provide extra protection against any pests or debris. You can be sure that nothing unwanted gets in your herbs as they completely dry.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Herb Drying Rack

When choosing the best herbs rack for drying, there are still a couple of other factors that we need to consider. These factors can greatly affect how your dried herbs will be after the process. Also, it’s almost priceless to see successful herb drying coming from your own well thought out efforts.

Types of Herbs

Knowing the types of herbs is a non-negotiable factor when choosing your racks. You must be familiar with the herb structure, especially during the trimming. You must also check on the time a specific herb requires to dry and their moisture levels. Some herbs require more time and space.

Then, you will have to plan out the herb sizes and the quantity of the herbs that you would like to dry. If you would like to dry different types of herbs in the same rack, make out some form of organization that will be easy for you to keep track of.

How to Choose the Best Herb Drying Rack

All this knowledge will also be affecting the other factors that we will be discussing.

Rack Material

Another factor that highly needs a priority is airflow. The rack material must allow for good airflow so your herbs can dry evenly and properly. The previous rack types we have discussed are usually made with mesh, which is great for letting air flow through. Wood would also be another great material for these racks. For closed rack models, just make sure that the enclosure can still allow air movement. We definitely do not want rot to take hold of our herbs.

How to Choose the Best Herb Drying RackHow to Choose the Best Herb Drying Rack

Rack Size

For choosing the best size for your drying rack, you would first need to check how much space you have. Also, do keep in mind how hanging racks require a hanging point of 5-6 feet. Take note of the measurements for the diameter and the height of your racks. To be safe, it’s always good to add a couple of extra inches for when the rack levels’ bottoms droop when fully of herbs.

You must also have a good estimation of the number of your herbs as this helps you figure out the spacing. This also determines the layering of the herbs that you are able to do and how many batches or groups you can dry together.


Price is always one of the top questions being looked into when making any decision. We all know that quality usually comes at a higher price. But, spending more does not guarantee that you’ll be getting the best rack at all. This is why we had discussed all the factors above as they hold more power over how your herbs will turn out. Our goal is to draw out all the best flavors from your herbs. Surely, spending a little more will be worth it if you can make sure that your herbs are dried well.

Top Herb Drying Racks from Schaumburg Specialties

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