724 Double Rack Oven

724 Double Rack Oven


SKU: Revent-724U

724 Double Rack Oven

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Revent Double Rack Oven

– Maximum Heat Capacity 343,000 BTUH
– Temperature range 95-572 degrees F
– Minimum intake opening 34.5″ x 69.3″ (standard 3 section + steam box delivery)
– Minimum intake opening 69.3″ x 80.3″ (optional one-piece shipment)
– Minimum section tilt up height: 112.1″ (without motor)
– Swing Diameter 50.39″
– Max load of racklift and platform 882 lbs
– Steam generation 2.25 gals/20 sec at 482 degrees F
– Pricing starts at $55,054

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