Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’re passionate about supporting our customers across the food, medical and manufacturing sectors with high quality racks and carts from SHOPCraft
: our flagship range of bakery racks. With over 30 years of experience in metal fabrication and superior performance racking solutions, we ask the question: why choose Schaumburg Specialties for SHOPCraft Racks & Carts?

Whether your business runs a busy bakery service or a large scale manufacturing operation, one thing is true: when it comes to mobile racks, carts, tables or other production support equipment, you’ll need a supplier with real experience and significant expertise. Fortunately, Schaumburg Specialties ticks both of these boxes, bringing together an accomplished team of metal fabrication specialists with a passion for performance. In today’s busy marketplace, why should your business settle for less?

Schaumburg Specialties: Your Choice for Expert Metal Fabrication

From dunnage racks and herb dryer racks to medical carts and carts for smart manufacturing processes where precision and accuracy is a must, Schaumburg Specialties’ SHOPCraft shop carts and racks can be found in busy production environments throughout the USA. Our leading position in our industry has been secured by a commitment to quality and a level of experience that is simply unrivalled. That’s where our proud history comes in…

Whilst Schaumburg Specialties was established over 30 years ago, our passion for fabrication stretches back a lot further than that. Indeed, we trace our roots

all the way back to dense forests of Washington State at the height of the Second World War, where Charles Schaumburg delivered maintenance services for logging camps. Throughout the war period, Schaumburg used his skills in metal fabrication to create military equipment like ammunition boxes and guards. In the decades following the war, the company evolved into its current form in 1983, supplying the growing need for high-quality products in the food industry.

It’s true: we offer a level of experience and expertise that is simply unrivalled in the world of mobile carts and racks. However, the benefits behind working with us don’t end there. Here’s just a few reasons why customers in Chicago and beyond choose us for our range of SHOPCraft
racks and carts…

Why Customers Count on Schaumburg Specialties

Experience. Knowledge. Innovation. Precision. Regardless of your sector of industry, there’s lots of reasons to trust in Schaumburg Specialties’ SHOPCraft
racks and carts:

1. Lifetime Guarantee:

Here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’re passionate in our belief that our SHOPCraft
racks and carts should serve our customers for a lifetime. In fact, we’re so passionate about this that we’re selling each and every one of our racks and carts with a lifetime guarantee. But how do we do it? It’s simple: we work hard with the very best racks, materials and equipment available to serve you with a product that stands the test of time and heavy usage. Try us!

2. Ultimate Convenience:

Schaumburg Specialties is committed to manufacturing racks and carts that make your life easier and your production a more streamlined process. A key part of the convenience behind SHOPCraftⓇ racks and carts is that they’re super convenient, requiring little maintenance compared to alternatives on the market. Forget wasting time and money on expensive replacements and repairs: our solutions are supported by a welded construction, with many racks including stainless steel fasteners which attach to the caster. When you choose SHOPCraftⓇ racks and carts, you choose ultimate strength – it’s that simple.

3. Boosted Productivity:

In today’s fast-paced, busy manufacturing landscape, productivity is of the essence. That’s why we serve our customers with quality racks that are conducive to high production rates. Indeed, when you choose SHOPCraft
, you don’t need to worry about broken or faulty racks. Our products stay in great condition throughout their lifetime product cycle, keeping your operation running smoothly at all times. Why go for anything less than the best?

4. Industry Compliance:

For many businesses – especially in the food sector – achieving compliance is crucial. Fortunately, Schaumburg Specialties’ SHOPCraft
range is manufactured to allow levels of cleanliness that will help your business pass USDA inspection. To allow effective cleaning of every inch of your carts and racks, we weld tubes and close up the ends to eliminate any sanitation concern. When you choose SHOPCraft, you can spend less time worrying about inspector’s reports and more time on doing what you do best.

5. Put Welfare First:

Regardless of their sector of industry, employers face a moral and legal obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees. In the vast majority of cases, this is achieved by using the right equipment in the right environment. When you choose strong, stable and safe products in the form of SHOPCraft
racks and carts, you can ensure that your employees are using a product which will not fail and lead to accidents and injuries in the workplace. Need a safe solution? SHOPCraft by Schaumburg Specialties is the natural choice.

6. Short Lead Times:

Busy production schedules wait on nobody. With this challenge in-mind, we’re proud to satisfy our customers’ needs with some of the shortest lead times in the market. Our strong logistical capacity, smart manufacturing operation and comprehensive inventory means you can get the SHOPCraft
racks and carts you need – fast.

The benefits behind Schaumburg Specialties don’t end there, and we’re proud to have been endorsed by some of the biggest brands out there; from Krispy Kreme Donuts and Dunkin Brands to Rothbury Farms and Turano. Be sure to check out our
testimonials from our many satisfied customers!

Boost Productivity & Performance Now with SHOPCraft Racks & Carts

Need a rack or cart solution that’s guaranteed to perform and to stand the test of time and heavy usage? Don’t sweat it: here at Schaumburg Specialties, we’ve got your back. To get started, browse our full range of SHOPCraft products or contact us for a free consultation. Alternatively, send us your drawings for a FREE quote!