The team at Schaumburg Specialties was approached by JF Heritage Food Company, which was in need of some equipment installation work at their manufacturing facility within a very tight timeline.
Client: JF Heritage Food Company
Industry: Food Manufacturing
Services: Sweet and Savoury Food Production
Location: Texas

The Client


JF Heritage Food Company is a leading food manufacturer and distributor based in Belton, Texas. The company’s story began in 2018 when it first set up as a top-notch kolache bakery at a CEFCO convenience store in West, TX.

Its kolaches, filled with delicious sweet and savoury fillings, became so popular that the company had no choice but to expand and in 2020, extended the production line to include cookies and muffins and built a second small commissary inside a Belton, TX CEFCO. In 2021, JF Heritage Food Company opened its current 60,000 square foot factory premises in Belton – and added its delectable donuts to the production line up!

Today, the business is busy and thriving. As well as kolaches, cookies, muffins and donuts, it now also produces and distributes salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pre-packaged goods.

Naturally, when a rapidly expanding business asked for our help and expertise in keeping their production line running at top speed, we happily stepped up to the challenge.


The Challenge


The express pace at which it was growing meant JF Heritage Food Company needed commercial ovens and proofers quickly – and they needed them installed and working on their production line within a very short space of time.

They also needed several of our SHOPCraft, premium quality sheet pan racks shipped to them as quickly as possible.

Luckily, our brilliant installation and metal fabrication experts are well versed in responding to our valued clients’ needs and expectations and got to work pronto to get the job done within the tight deadline.

Images Caption: Our client required ovens, proofers and several SHOPCraft racks.


Our Solution

Our team of experts worked with numerous experts on the ground in Texas to install several Revent ovens and proofers for the company, completely in harmony with the manufacturer’s specifications and with JF Heritage Food Company’s business operations.

We also made sure that the equipment we installed was operating at peak performance before we left our client’s premises.

Not only did we manage to install everything the business needed to keep its production line running at a fearsome pace, our strong, sturdy and durable SHOPCraft racks arrived within the tight time frame too and immediately got to work producing the delicious baked goods that JF Heritage Food Company is famous for!

Another successful project and another happy customer for Schaumburg Specialties!

Revent Ovens in Food Manufacturing Facility with staff

Some of the Revent ovens installed at the plant (credit: JF Heritage Food Company)

Our SHOPCraft racks in situ at JF Heritage Food Company (credit: JF Heritage Food Company)


Expert Equipment Installation From Schaumburg Specialties

We delivered awesome results for this customer, and now we want to do the same for you. To get your production equipment installed and maintained with Schaumburg Specialties, find out more about our NEW equipment servicing, maintenance and installation program on our website and contact us so that we can get a clear understanding of your requirements. We’ll take it from there!