The team at Gabby’s Bakery approached our equipment installation experts at Schaumburg Specialties asking for help to move and relocate an old Dahlen oven and install three brand new Revent ovens - that they’d purchased through Schaumburg Specialties - at their manufacturing premises in Franklin Park, IL. Installation of ovens (and washers) is an integral part of our Equipment Servicing and Maintenance Program, so we were very happy to take up the challenge.
Client: Gabby’s Bakery
Industry: Commercial Bakery
Services: Artisan Bread & Bagel Production
Location: Illinois

The Client


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Gabby’s is a small commercial bakery based near our Schaumburg neighborhood in Franklin Park, IL. The staff there have been producing delicious artisan breads and bagels on behalf of various large baked goods and frozen dough product providers for decades.

The company recently became part of Gonnella Baking Co, which has been manufacturing hearth-baked breads and rolls for well over a century. In the 1970s and 80s, Gonnella added fresh baked frozen breads and a complete line of frozen dough products to its offering.

As an ever-expanding and evolving company, which is constantly adding new products to its portfolio and increasing the scope of its distribution network, Gabby’s (as part of Gonnella Baking Co) needed to increase its production capacity – and quickly!

Naturally, when the team came to us for help installing new commercial ovens to help ramp up the efficiency and productivity of their manufacturing facility, we were only too happy to help!

The Challenge

The team at Gabby’s wanted our technicians to install three brand new Revent 703 double double rack ovens. Being double double means that the oven can hold two 18”x 36” sheet pans at a time.

The ovens come in three large, heavy pieces – the back third of the oven chamber, the front third of the oven chamber (with the door) and the heat exchanger/control panel.

All these pieces have to be expertly put together, and then the steambox (a container filled with steel balls that retains heat to help the oven recover quickly and makes steam to give a superior finish to baked products) is added onto the heat exchanger part of the oven.

The new ovens came in three large, heavy pieces

But first, we were tasked with moving and relocating an old Dahlen oven, so that the three new Revent ovens could fit in a line to increase the efficiency of Gabby’s baking operations.

With such large, heavy pieces of equipment in play, this was going to be no mean feat!

Our Solution

Luckily, our technicians are highly skilled and vastly experienced and knew exactly what to do to execute the perfect oven relocation and installation for our client.

The initial job was to disconnect the old Dahlen oven from the power in Gabby’s facility.

Then, we used two rented forklifts to attach chains to the oven, lift it, turn it around and relocate it on the other side of the aisle, where it could continue its sterling work on Gabby’s production line.

The old oven was disconnected and relocated.

With the old oven safely moved, the next part of the task was to install the new ovens one at a time. The oven parts were delivered on their sides, so we made use of the forklift trucks again to stand the three pieces of each oven up, ready to be put together.

We used the forklift to put the oven pieces upright, ready to be put together.

To put the pieces together, the front and back parts of the oven fit were roughly fitted back-to-back and then the heat exchanger/control panel added on to the side.

Our technicians put the oven together.

When the three pieces were roughly in place, we put dollies underneath the oven and slotted it into place using shims and a Johnson bar to make sure that the oven was level on Gabby’s quite uneven floor surface.

Once the oven was firmly in place, it was ready to be bolted together and connected to the gas and water supply (this work was done by an outside contractor).

Our team bolted the ovens together.

The final part of the installation was to make sure that the newly installed ovens slotted seamlessly into Gabby’s busy production line. We fired the ovens up and did all the safety checks, which involved checking the draft, the gas pressure, the flue gas (measuring the amount of carbon monoxide emitted) and ensuring that the oven’s flame was working efficiently and effectively. We also checked the belts on the oven’s turntables to make sure they were functioning properly.

We carried out checks on the ovens.

With three brand new ovens in place and expertly installed and integrated into their production line, Gabby’s was delighted to be able to increase its production capacity for its ever-expanding customer base. And we were delighted to have completed another great job for a really great customer!

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