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Order your Somengil Multiwasher Rack Cleaning system through Schaumburg Specialties. We can also assist with installation. Available in different specs and prices. Contact us for a quote.

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Somengil Multiwasher Machine

– AISI 304 stainless steel construction
– 20 customizable washing programs in all parameters (time, washing pressure, wash/rinse cycles)
– High Pressure Washing Pump, till 13bar
– Washing temperature till 85 degrees C
– Rinsing temperature till 90 degrees C
– IP55 protection
– Touch Screen Controller and emergency button switch
– Automatic detergent dispenser
– Voltage: 208V/220V/575V – 3PH / 60HZ
– Electrical Power: 45 HP / 50 HP / 65 HP
– Steam Power: 16 HP / 22 HP / 22 HP
– Maximum Load Size: 31-1/2″ D x 26-3/4″ E x 78″ F / 47-1/4″ D x 47-1/4″ E x 86-3/4″ F
– Dimensions: 80″ B x 58″ A x 107″ C / 95-1/2″ B x 73-1/2″ A x 107″ C / 108-1/2″ B x 86-1/2″ A x 107-3/4″ C / 108-1/2″ B x 86-1/2″ A x 113-3/4″ C
– Options for spinning dryer system, diaphram rinse dosing pump, pressure variation system, external filter system, automatic water tank replacement, system heating, extra door, extra HMI, reinforcement plate kit, kit catering, trollies, and lifts – are available
– Pricing starts at $62,150

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