The Schaumburg Specialties team was approached by one of America’s leading manufacturers of premium freeze-dried pet treats. We were asked to customize their racks to differentiate between products and various stages of production, as well as provide heat to the racks to dry the pet treats before freezing them.
Client: Moretti Freeze Dry
Industry: Pet Food Manufacturing
Services: Freeze Dried Pet Food
Location: Wisconsin

The Client


A second generation, family-owned business based in Wisconsin, Moretti Freeze Dry has been in operation for 20 years, providing healthy alternatives to dog and cat foods using the freeze drying process.

The company specializes in small batch freeze-dried pet product formulations and single ingredient treats, offering turnkey services to include processing, freeze drying, co-packing and warehousing.

Suffice to say that when such a prestigious company asked for our help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their working operations, we were only too happy to assist!


The Challenge


Our client runs a super busy production line in their Wisconsin factory that operates on many different levels, with many numerous products and production stages to consider. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep tabs on all the elements of the production line – and when products were on the racks it was sometimes very hard to distinguish between them.

With so much going on, there was a risk that mix ups could occur – which could lead to a drop in the efficiency and productivity of the business. We therefore needed to find a way to differentiate the racks between products and different stages of production, as well as work out how best to provide heat to the racks to effectively dry the products.


Our Solution


Schaumburg Specialties’ expert team put their heads together and came up with a creative customized solution for our client. We decided to color code the racks according to each pet product and the various stages of the production process. This would ensure that Moretti’s employees would be clear about what was going on with their products – and about their tasks in hand – at all times.


We color coded the racks


We also built an upgraded version of the heatboxes on the side of the racks that Moretti’s was already using to dry its pet treats. Our new version of the heatboxes performed better and was far more cost effective than the version that the company already had.


We designed an upgraded heatbox to dry the pet treats.


To round things off, we put freezer grease in the wheels of Moretti’s racks to ensure they would continue to perform at the highest level when enduring extremely low temperatures.

As a result, we were able to provide our client with strong, durable, customized racks that were highly efficient at drying out pet treat products, as well as creatively color coded to differentiate between products and production stages. No more danger of confusion and mix ups and everyone on the shop floor knew exactly what was going on at all times.

Of course, this greatly contributed to the continued efficient and productive running of Moretti’s working operations and resulted in another happy client for Schaumburg Specialties!


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