The Ed Miniat team approached our experts at Schaumburg Specialties in need of a custom build project. We were tasked with producing several more of the heavy duty racks and grids that the company was using to place its meat/protein pouches on for cooking with their signature sous vide method.
Client: Ed Miniat
Industry: Food Manufacturing
Services: Customizable Sous Vide Protein Solutions
Location: Chicago

The Client


Ed_Miniat_LLC_LogoEd Miniat is a leading producer of customizable sous vide protein solutions, based in the Chicago area. They produce sous vide prepared proteins on a large scale for several industries including restaurants, prepared meals companies, grab-and-go assemblers and foodservice providers.

Begun in the Chicago Stockyards over 120 years ago, the 1980s saw the company begin to pioneer the sous vide cooking method, whereby a vacuum-sealed product is immersed in a water bath at just below boiling point to be cooked. It’s a popular method for cooking meat/proteins on a large scale because it maintains precise temperatures, produces consistent texture and achieves high moisture retention.


The Challenge


To ensure that we were well versed in Ed Miniat’s specific requirements, we visited the company’s factory site in Chicago and saw the equipment it was utilising for ourselves. We saw that a crane was deployed to lift the racks one at a time – each with their grids full of meat/protein pouches – into huge containers of water for the sous vide cooking process


The Schaumburg team visited the Ed Miniat factory to see the equipment they were using for ourselves.

Our design experts knew that these racks and grids had to be super sturdy and strong, not only to withstand high cooking temperatures and water immersion but also to maintain their form when being lifted by the cranes.

Back at our HQ in Schaumburg, IL, we prepared some drawings and designs that reverse engineered what we’d seen on site.

Our Solution

Once the designs had been signed off by the Ed Miniat team, our expert metal formers and welders got to work manufacturing 35 12-level racks, with 12 wire grids (one per shelf) and two heavy duty bars across the top of each that would stop the meat floating off the rack during cooking.

Our team got to work custom building super sturdy racks

The racks featured strong metal bars to keep the meat in place during cooking.

Another ingenious design feature of the heavy duty food production racks we built for Ed Miniat was the upturned ends of each rack slide. This was to keep the wire grids that held the meat/protein pouches in place at all times. Making sure the grids didn’t slide off the rack and were kept safe and secure on their shelves went a long way towards ensuring that our customer’s product wasn’t dropped on the floor or spilled, thereby preventing loss of product and profit.

Upturned slide ends ensured the meat/protein pouches were always safe and secure.

Having manufactured and delivered the cooking racks to our client, they were able to get on with their mass meat and protein pouches production, safe in the knowledge that they were using top quality and high performing racks that would keep their product secure at all stages of the production process and would stand the test of time. 

All in a day’s work for Schaumburg Specialties!

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