The Schaumburg Specialties team was approached by Acero Manufacturing with a very unique challenge! They wanted a heavy duty shelving unit custom built from the ground up, to safely and securely store the large, circular metal dies they utilize in the manufacture of their wide variety of bolts and threaded products.
Client: Acero Manufacturing
Industry: Manufacturing
Services: Fastener Manufacturer
Location: Medina, Ohio

The Client

Acero Manufacturing Logo Based in Medina, Ohio, Acero MFG is a prominent custom manufacturer of high-quality anchor bolts and threaded fasteners. Leveraging cutting edge machinery and a highly skilled team, the company makes its products in-house, offering rapid turnaround times without quality compromise. Its Ohio location makes Acero Mfg perfectly placed to offer exceptional supply chain access, cost-effective freight and speedy delivery.

Of course, when such a prestigious company came to us with such an interesting custom build requirement, we were excited to get to work!


The Challenge

Acero Mfg workers were storing the metal dies they use to make their bolts and threaded products on a metal shelf or on the floor, which was causing the manufacturing plant to be untidy, not to mention a potential health and safety hazard for employees. It also meant that it was hard for the Acero team to keep track of the dies and store them safely and securely without them being scratched or damaged until they were needed on the production line.

Our challenge was to design and manufacture a heavy duty shelving unit that could safely contain the heavy, cumbersome dies without them rolling around or incurring damage. We also knew we needed to provide Acero’s workers with safe and easy access to the dies through drawers that were easy to pull out and lift from.

The Acero Mfg team sent our design engineers some photos of a shelving unit that their Australian manufacturing plant had been using to contain their metal dies, to great effect. The photos depicted the size, shape and weight of the dies, the number of levels of shelves required on the unit and the company’s corporate brand colors.

The original photos and video footage we worked from

We used these photos and video footage as a blueprint to design and manufacture the shelving unit, which we sent to the Acero team for approval. Once our drawings had been approved, we set to work building this exceptional die holding system.

Our Solution

Our expert designers and manufacturing and welding team provided our client with a perfect, tailor made solution for its operations.

We made two heavy duty stainless steel shelving units with two levels on each unit. Each level had four drawers, which all contained blocks of wood that were cut to shape to hold each metal die securely, so it didn’t roll around and fall and become scratched or damaged.

Each unit had two levels and eight drawers

Blocks of wood held the die in position

We also made it so that it was extremely easy for Acero employees to pull out the die drawers from the racking, stand to one side and then lift the die safely out of the drawer. It was paramount that the dies were easy to access and lift because of the potential health and safety issues that their handling could cause.

Once we had completed the manufacture of the shelving units, we took them to be spray painted in Acero Mfg’s corporate colors in our specialist industrial spray painting booth.

As soon as we had completed the job, the two shelving units were shipped to Acero Mfg’s premises in Ohio and immediately went into use as the strong, sturdy, durable equipment solution that our client had asked for.

The shelving units in situ at Acero Mfg

Our new shelving units ensured that Acero Mfg’s metal dies were stored safely and securely and were extremely unlikely to roll around and become scratched or damaged. Of course, it was much safer for Acero’s employees too! Being stored in one place also now meant our client’s premises were much tidier and the dies much easier to keep tabs on, enabling simpler inventories and an increased efficiency on Aero Mfg’s production floor.

The company was delighted with the results and a happy customer always means a happy Schaumburg Specialties!


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