This customer approached our experts at Schaumburg Specialties with sketches for a custom build idea they had. We were tasked with producing a unique rack that could be used for storing and transporting the large plastic tubs they use to hold portions of food at their manufacturing facility.
Client: Confidential
Industry: Online Food Delivery Services
Services: Meal Kit providers
Location: Nationwide

The Client


Based on a simple philosophy of making it easy for everyone to prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal for them and their family, this customer is the number one meal kit provider in the USA – and across the world.

Begun in Berlin, Germany in 2011, the founders and CEOs would spend afternoons packing pre-portioned recipe ingredients for their local community. What started out as a small, home-grown project has now evolved into a meal kit service spanning 18 countries and one billion meals – the biggest in the world. In Q3 2022, the company delivered a staggering 243.3 million meals and reached 7.5 million active customers worldwide!

Of course, when such a globally acclaimed company came to us to ask for our help with making its custom build vision a reality, we grabbed the opportunity!


The Challenge


The client team had a very specific custom build idea in mind. They had some sketches of a rack that they wanted to utilize to store, transport and quickly and easily identify the large plastic tubs they use to hold ingredients and prepped food portions at one of their facilities.

Previously they had been storing the tubs on shelving that wasn’t strong enough, or stacking them on other, smaller racks, which restricted their production capacity and didn’t allow their employees to identify the tubs correctly.

The tubs that they use are pretty large – typically around 2ft wide and 18in deep – and are made from durable, food safe plastic materials. Therefore, they would need large, sturdy, durable, safe and efficient racks to store and transport them!

In addition, because the company produces prepared meals on such a large scale, we needed to ensure that the racks we built would be able to effectively streamline its working operations to maximize production capacity, as well as maintain the highest food quality and safety standards.

Luckily, our team of design engineers and welders are experts in the physics of racks and knew exactly what we could build to maximize our client’s efficiency and productivity, while still maintaining the highest food and workplace health and safety standards. Taking the customer’s design ideas, we put our heads together and came up with the perfect, uniquely designed rack for our client.


Our Solution


Once we had the go-ahead on our rack design, our expert metal formers and welders got to work making the customer’s vision a reality.

We built a tub storage rack from premium quality American-made stainless steel (to meet sanitation requirements) that could safely, securely and hygienically accommodate 12 tubs at a time, four horizontally and three vertically.

The rack had clear dividers made from plexiglass and each section had a space for an identification label, allowing staff to quickly and easily identify which tub held what. We left the shelves open at the back and front to allow for easy access and make it simple for employees to slide the tubs in and out from either side as needed. This would enable the client’s production line to run as smoothly as possible.

Our team got to work custom building a storage rack design idea 

Of course, with such a large scale food processing operation, the rack had to be extremely safe and secure, for the sake of the product and of the client’s personnel.

We used specially designed casters complete with brakes to ensure the smooth and safe maneuverability of the rack around the customer’s facility. In addition, floor locks were installed at either end of the rack to prevent movement, helping to keep the storage tubs – and their employees – safe and secure at all times.

The brake and casters were made specifically for the racks. 

Having custom built our client’s design idea from the ground up, the customer took delivery of their brand new storage tub racks – and were delighted with the results! Not only were they able to store and transport their large food containers in racks that streamlined their operations and boosted efficiency and productivity, they were also safe in the knowledge that they were using top quality, high performing racks that come with a Lifetime Guarantee and would stand the test of time!

Another day, another happy customer for Schaumburg Specialties!


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